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Re: [pcgen] PCGen 5.17.7 tries to load D20 modern

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  • Saxum Caribetum
    ... Aha! A fuul search through files throws up PCGen PCGen5177 data alpha rpgobjects bloodandblades bloodandblades.pcc
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 6, 2011
      On 06/06/2011 23:00, James Dempsey wrote:
      > Hi Saxum,
      > It looks like either you have a PCC file that refers to the modern data,
      > perhaps in the alpha folder, or the default campaigns in the modern game
      > mode are referring to those files. My recollection was that the game
      > mode defaults used campaign titles not paths so would not throw up the
      > file not found errors.


      A fuul search through files throws up

      all of which reach out of their own location and dip into the msrd.

      They are all part of the standard install ... so in its current form,
      you can't actually have an install which drops all non-pathfinder
      compatible material.

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