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Re: [pcgen] [pathfinder] could not add equipment: Claw (Natural/Primary)

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  • Andrew
    Agreed, 5.17.6 is fairly stable, I use the alpha s and beta, and as far as bugs go, the ones I find are things that most users will never find. We don t have
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 17, 2011
      Agreed, 5.17.6 is fairly stable, I use the alpha's and beta, and as far as bugs go, the ones I find
      are things that most users will never find.

      We don't have any intentions of releasing another 5.16 release.

      Now, since you're having issues, we can work around those, you can make your own "equipment" if that
      would help.


      On 3/17/2011 5:07 AM, David R. Bender wrote:
      > As rock solid as 5.17.6 is, I would surmise that the answer is no.
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      > On 3/17/2011 7:49 AM, UnclePete wrote:
      >> Sorry to dig up an old post, but this is kind of annoying. I **can**
      >> live with it, but is there any chance of getting it fixed before 5.17?
      >> Before anyone suggests it, I'm not comfortable using an alpha release in
      >> a real game. Sorry.
      >> Pete
      >> PS - using 5.16.4 + OoC update4 Pathfinder datasets
      >> On 08/07/2010 07:48 AM, Andrew Maitland wrote:
      >>> False Positive, we're aware of it. It's not present in 5.17 so not
      >>> likely to be
      >>> fixed in 5.16.
      >>> --
      >>> Andrew
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