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RE: [pcgen] Re: [OS]How do I filter weapons/equipment?

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  • Andrew Wardell
    Could you possibly (and someone is going to have to correct my syntax here.) use something like (MIN(COUNT(EQTYPE.WEAPON),3) to show *only* the first 3
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 26, 2011
      Could you possibly (and someone is going to have to correct my syntax here.)
      use something like (MIN(COUNT(EQTYPE.WEAPON),3) to show *only* the first 3
      weapons? You'd then make sure to change the order of the weapons in the
      Inventory tab to float the important ones to the top.

      I already do this in part.I put the weapons I want to see on the first page
      by changing the order, and let PCGen toss the rest onto the secondary pages
      (for the 'combined' sheet).

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      I'm not sure this can be done. The various weapons loops get setup with a
      FOR loop controlled by COUNT(EQTYPE.WEAPON). While there are filters that
      can be used by the WEAPON tag for CARRIED (which includes equipped) or
      NOT_CARRIED, it's not clear it would work in COUNT. There is nothing to test
      with an IIF either that I can see.

      You could try to change the FOR loop to have COUNT(EQTYPE.WEAPON.CARRIED).
      It may work.

      As for not displaying the items that are contained, that's easy. Just setup
      an IFF(EQ.%loop%.LOCATION:Equipped) and IFF(EQ.%loop%.LOCATION:Carried) and
      output only if one of those are true. Note: %loop% is the loop variable for
      the equipment FOR loop. It's name varies depending the OS.

      OS Chimp

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      "herzogaldilkassach" <herzogaldilkassach@...> wrote:
      > Since I have various weapons that differ only in special bonusses (or
      material) I would like to limit the number of weapons displayed.
      > For example, I have a throwing axe, a throwing axe +1, a masterwork
      throwing axe, a silvered throwing axe and a cold iron throwing axe.
      Displaying the throwing axe +1 attack stats would be sufficient (I can do
      the rest of the math myself)
      > I would like to accomplish this by 'carrying' the equipment I want
      displayed, and putting the other axes in my backpack.
      > Where in the outputsheet files would I need to add some kind of filter and
      what kind of filtering would be possible to accomplish this?
      > Also, filtering the equipment list (so items already displayed as content
      of a container aren't displayed seperately as well) would be a bonus.
      > NB:
      > Using PCGen 5.16.3
      > With RSRD and several homebrew datasets.

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