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RE: [pcgen] Re: Coin Handling Proposal

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  • Andrew Wardell
    Looks good. The only thing that seems to be missing from the cases is making change . i.e. If character has only 2pp and purchases an item for 12gp, the
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      Looks good. The only thing that seems to be missing from the cases is
      'making change'.

      i.e. If character has only 2pp and purchases an item for 12gp, the program
      needs to remove 2pp and then add 8gp (preferably to the same location as
      where the coins came from).

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      Subject: [pcgen] Re: Coin Handling Proposal

      I like that this is being discussed. The proposal would seem to work the way
      it is.

      I do think there should be a way to modify exchange rate, if this is

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      > Honestly, I was just bemoaning how PCGen handles funds vs coins this week,
      so I
      > love that this is up for discussion.
      > Comments:
      > I think this might already be available, but there needs to be a way to
      > the exchange rate. The examples all appear to equate 1 pp to 5 gp. In our
      > game, 1 pp equals 10 gp. Hard-coding that relationship will be problematic
      > some - hopefully it's something that can be represented in the preferences
      if it
      > is not already.
      > UC4 - as mentioned early, there should be a possibility for an exchange
      rate -
      > perhaps a prompt for the percentage when converting from one type of coin
      > another. I don't know that it should apply when purchasing gems (of
      course, the
      > user can just select 100% in that case, but I could see it applying when
      > the gems, just like when selling gear).
      > Side note, largely unrelated, it would be nice if PCGen would ask what the

      > selling rate/purchase rate/ignore cost status should be the first time you
      > working with inventory in a character. I get burned a lot with "Ignore
      > being set from when I created the character and I try to update them later
      > I want to use their wealth to add to their gear, but I forget to look at
      > checkbox. I know - user error, I should just suck it up, but I can ask....
      > Thanks for considering the coins vs wealth question - I think that would
      be a
      > great feature addition!
      > AinvarG
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      > Subject: [pcgen] Coin Handling Proposal
      > Hi,
      > PCGen currently handles available funds and coins separately. The user
      > has to manually purchase coins if she wishes to have those reflected on
      > the character sheet. Those coins have to be sold again if the player
      > wants to spend the money.
      > As part of the work on the new user interface, we are proposing to
      > change this. This proposal outlines a method by which PCGen would
      > automatically create coins to reflect any available funds and manage the
      > coins in a useful manner.
      > To read the proposal, see the wiki page at
      > http://wiki.pcgen.org/Coin_Handling_Proposal
      > Comments and feedback are encouraged.
      > Cheers,
      > James Dempsey
      > PCGen Code SB.
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