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Board of Directors Meeting - February 7th, 2011

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  • Andrew Maitland
    [18:18] Welcome to the PCGen Board of Directors Meeting, February 2nd 2011 in the USA at 6:18pm (PST) [18:18] Our Agenda is simple
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2011
      [18:18] <@AndrewAAM> Welcome to the PCGen Board of Directors Meeting, February 2nd 2011 in the USA
      at 6:18pm (PST)
      [18:18] <@AndrewAAM> Our Agenda is simple tonight:
      [18:18] <@AndrewAAM> 1) Team Reports
      [18:18] <@AndrewAAM> 2) Open Forum
      [18:18] <@AndrewAAM> James, let's begin with you please.
      [18:19] <jamesd[Code_SB]> I'll just be a sec
      [18:19] *** Thoth___ has joined #pcgen
      [18:19] <jamesd[Code_SB]> ok
      [18:19] *** PapaDRB is now known as PapaDRB[Ad_PR_2n
      [18:19] <jamesd[Code_SB]> So in the last fortnight, 5 bugs have been raised and none resolved
      [18:20] <jamesd[Code_SB]> The main focus has been on the new UI where much progress has been made
      [18:20] *** PapaDRB[Ad_PR_2n is now known as David[Ad_PR_2nd]
      [18:20] <jamesd[Code_SB]> We now have working gear purchase, equipping, and domain tabs
      [18:20] <thpr[Arch_SB]> nice!
      [18:20] <jamesd[Code_SB]> The Race tab is getting close also
      [18:20] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Yes we've made good progress
      [18:21] *** AndrewAAM is now known as [Chair]Drew
      [18:21] <jamesd[Code_SB]> So coming up we'll be looking at races, templates, description, and
      character sheet
      [18:21] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Oh and we can load characters now too
      [18:22] <jamesd[Code_SB]> The other sub-projects have been quiet over the last couple of weeks
      [18:22] <[PR]Nylanfs> suweet
      [18:22] <jamesd[Code_SB]> We did get 5.17.5 out eventually - its release was delayed due to a
      mistake on my part and then the sourceforge site outage
      [18:22] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Any questions?
      [18:23] <@[Chair]Drew> None from Admin
      [18:23] <[PR]Nylanfs> None from PR
      [18:23] <thpr[Arch_SB]> none from me
      [18:23] <jamesd[Code_SB]> As always if you want to play with the new UI, have a look at
      [18:24] <jamesd[Code_SB]> I think currently it will fail to start-up but that should be fixed by
      [18:24] <@[Chair]Drew> Yes, it's failing to load for me currently
      [18:24] * jamesd[Code_SB] hands back the talking stick
      [18:25] *** forest has joined #pcgen
      [18:25] <@[Chair]Drew> Did you put in a fix already or is this on the plate for tonight?
      [18:25] <jamesd[Code_SB]> on the plate for when I get home tonight - I'll do a temporary fix and
      Connor will hit the proper fix once he is feeling better
      [18:25] <@[Chair]Drew> Thanks James. Paul, I assume you're ready, you're up. [Tom you'll be next]
      [18:25] * @[Chair]Drew hands talking stick to Paul
      [18:26] <[PR]Nylanfs> Yep we made the announcement about the RPGCharacterIllustrations.com affiliation.
      [18:27] <[PR]Nylanfs> We made one sale already from it, and there should be more once it's
      integrated a bit more with the cor program.
      [18:27] <[PR]Nylanfs> James there's a email with the link for the button.
      [18:28] <[PR]Nylanfs> David got the announcements out for the latest release and OOC's out to the
      news channels.
      [18:29] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Ah yes - I'll have to add that in
      [18:29] <[PR]Nylanfs> I have attempted to email Mr. Alvarez at Paizo again on the requirements of
      becoming an "official" character generator for Pathfinder like HeroLab, no reply as of yet.
      [18:30] <[PR]Nylanfs> We had a decent donation drive for GenCon, although I'll probably make another
      one in about a month or so. Still a bit short on the total funds.
      [18:31] <[PR]Nylanfs> I think that's it from PR, any questions or comments?
      [18:31] <@[Chair]Drew> None from Admin
      [18:31] <thpr[Arch_SB]> nope
      [18:32] <jamesd[Code_SB]> none here
      [18:32] <[PR]Nylanfs> Oh and PR has been more active on the Social Media front ie twitter and Facebook
      [18:32] <@[Chair]Drew> Paul - Cool
      [18:32] * @[Chair]Drew passes talking stick to Tom
      [18:32] <@[Chair]Drew> Tom you're up.
      [18:33] <thpr[Arch_SB]> OK. Pretty quiet around this front. Need to get back focused on PCGen, so
      not sure I have much to share at the moment
      [18:34] <thpr[Arch_SB]> Open for quesitons if folks have any
      [18:34] <@[Chair]Drew> Well, I've plenty of bugs that are needing to be squashed when you're ready ;)
      [18:35] <@[Chair]Drew> Generic Question, what is still on the plate for the CDOM conversion / Arch
      for this Cycle?
      [18:35] <thpr[Arch_SB]> I will go on a bug hunt first
      [18:35] <thpr[Arch_SB]> The main thing is stopping cloning of abilities, which is partially underway
      [18:35] <thpr[Arch_SB]> err partially completed
      [18:35] <thpr[Arch_SB]> partially underway sounds like I haven't started ;)
      [18:37] <@[Chair]Drew> Heh, I think once the cloning is dealt with some of those bugs will disappear
      [18:37] <@[Chair]Drew> Okay, anything else from you Tom before I hit the last two team reports?
      [18:38] <thpr[Arch_SB]> nope
      [18:38] <@[Chair]Drew> Okay, my reports:
      [18:38] <@[Chair]Drew> Trackers - Not much on this end
      [18:38] <@[Chair]Drew> Web - Nothing to report either. Been busy working on Data Stuff
      [18:38] <@[Chair]Drew> Release - 5.17.5 is out the Door!
      [18:38] <@[Chair]Drew> EXTRA - Template Engine baton is being passed to Ferret. James set him up to
      get his feet wet with an OS token project before we drop him in the deep end of the pool. ;)
      [18:39] <@[Chair]Drew> The admin monkey has been focusing efforts of data set completion and reviews.
      [18:39] <@[Chair]Drew> For the Content Reports:
      [18:39] <[PR]Nylanfs> Yea, template engine is going to be a big step forward
      [18:39] <@[Chair]Drew> Data:
      [18:39] <@[Chair]Drew> 10 new issues and 15 resolved (thanks Andrew, Papa, Eric and everyone else)
      [18:40] <@[Chair]Drew> Andrew and I are working out the specifics for the various levels for data
      [18:40] <@[Chair]Drew> review. We seem to be pretty much in agreement on it, just need to hammer
      [18:40] <@[Chair]Drew> out the language and final details. We posted requesting input/opinions and
      [18:40] <@[Chair]Drew> didn't really get any, so I guess everyone find the current proposal
      [18:40] <@[Chair]Drew> acceptable. It they aren't, they better speak up now. :p
      [18:40] <@[Chair]Drew> Dragon wing (BP) Arms and Armor went in as an Alpha dataset recently.
      [18:40] <@[Chair]Drew> I'm working on finishing up Dragon wing (BP) Arms & Armor 3.5. Once that is
      done I'll probably take a break from data entry and work more on the administrative stuff for the
      data team, such as verifying resolved trackers and closing them, completing a couple of long overdue
      data source reviews, etc.
      [18:41] <@[Chair]Drew> Once that's done I'm going to begin my big 6.0 data project, and that is to
      get as many of the datasets that have been alpha for years vetted and moved to Full Release status.
      (Barring someone coming up with a more important thing that I'd need to focus on).
      [18:41] <@[Chair]Drew> Output:
      [18:41] <@[Chair]Drew> Chuck has done a lot of work recently to close most of the open OS bug
      trackers. Thanks Chuck!
      [18:41] <@[Chair]Drew> There are several FREQs open, but as usual we lack the manpower to really
      work on them, as several are on the magnitude of "Create an entirely new and different OS"...
      [18:41] <@[Chair]Drew> Docs: Eric has been chugging along working on these. There are only a
      couple classed as bugs, but over 20 FREQs... anyone have some time to assist Eric in getting those
      taken care of?
      [18:42] <@[Chair]Drew> Barak
      [18:42] <@[Chair]Drew> ~ Content SB
      [18:42] <@[Chair]Drew> - Yes, that was Barak's Report. ;)
      [18:42] <@[Chair]Drew> Questions for Admin or Content?
      [18:42] <jamesd[Code_SB]> none here
      [18:42] <thpr[Arch_SB]> nope
      [18:43] <@[Chair]Drew> Okay, Agenda Item #2 - Open Forum
      [18:43] <@[Chair]Drew> Any and all are welcome to ask your questions or make comments for the BoD.
      [18:45] <@[Chair]Drew> Any comments or questions? Say "yes", please so we know you are going to ask
      [18:46] <@[Chair]Drew> Room seems to have gotten quiet... and everyone took a step back. I guess
      that means no one has anything to say.
      [18:47] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Sounds like it
      [18:47] <[PR]Nylanfs> Well if anyone wants to they can come and hangout at GenCon at the booth :)
      [18:48] <@[Chair]Drew> Thanks for coming everyone *Bangs Gavel* Meeting is adjourned. Have a good Night

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