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Re: [pcgen] Re: Cavalier Question, Eidolon Observation, General Question

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  • Andrew Maitland
    The HP may be manually adjusted despite whatever rule is in force. You can change whatever the Rule in force is, from your own percentage, to average, to Max.
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 1, 2011
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      The HP may be manually adjusted despite whatever rule is in force. You can change whatever the Rule
      in force is, from your own percentage, to average, to Max. The Max HD at 1st level is another
      option, since most people use PCGen to create PCs, it makes sense that be the Default. However, a
      Feature Request to allow NPCs or Companions not use that, well that would be fine.

      Lots of people make requests, the big difference in what is coded up and used, well that depends on
      many things:
      Priority - is it going to affect a large group?
      Usability - Will it see use?
      Scope of Cycle - A major thing otherwise the versions would never get done
      Was the Proposal -
      * Coherent
      * Logical
      * Give rationale on how it would work with existing code and if it was backwards compatible.
      Another major factor is time - Can the user supply the patch to make it easier to implement or will
      it require an actual coder to implement?

      The fact of the matter is this little tidbit. PCGen residing on your PC [Personal Computer] is
      essentially yours to do with as you please. Make whatever data sets, or whatever you like for your
      personal use or groups' needs. Open Source is cool like that. There are restrictions on that of
      course, but I'm not going to delve into that.

      This group is set up to answer such questions as - is this a bug?, can we add this to the program?,
      what can I do to help?, etc.

      We even have another group set up to help users learn and master LST code where novices and masters
      gather together to help out. Want a book that doesn't exist in the program? Need the Bracers of
      Awesome Coolness by tonight? Need a Class your GM wants you to play now? That's the group to seek
      assistance from. And If I don't answer, somebody will most certainly try. I'll be honest, PF stuff,
      I haven't memorized the rule books, the only reason I know the Animal Companion stuff, is cause I'm
      the one that worked on it to make that work properly. [Having to create entirely new creatures to be
      companions, not always fun, but the only way to make it all work].

      Anyways, welcome to the community. Learn and teach. We're all gamers around here and most
      importantly we're here to "Have a good game!" [Okay, that might not be true, but I do, so there :P]


      On 2/1/2011 8:29 PM, santeeschroder wrote:
      > --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, Andrew Maitland<drew0500@...> wrote:
      >> Hi,
      > .....
      >> Animal Companions start at 2 HD. This is a standard. If you think it should be different, please
      >> cite the source page that indicates this is not correct.
      > Nope, it was my mistake, I'm still very much a noob and this was one of my noob mistakes. I a) didn't see the HD column on the Animal Companion table I was looking at, and b) did not know to make the simple equation of hit die = creature level. That was my mistake, thanks for showing me what I needed to learn. :)
      > .....
      >> PCGen has default standards that are global. It would require a Feature Request to allow different
      >> things to have their own settings.
      > Ok, makes sense. Might be something to look into, I spent a good amount of time scrolling through the Paizo boards... There was a post in 2009 that stated Animal Companions start with max hp on first level, but late 2010 posts seem to indicate that they start with 'average' hp, so Animal Companions are 4.5 round down (1 die = 4, 2 dice = 9, etc) and Eidolons are 5.5 plus con mod round down. One place they referenced was page 6 of Bestiary -
      > hp: The creature's hit points, followed by its Hit Dice
      > (including modifiers from Constitution, favored class
      > levels, creature type modifiers, and the Toughness feat).
      > Creatures with PC class levels receive maximum hit points
      > for their first HD, but all other HD rolls are assumed to
      > be average.
      > in the Core Book (under NPC creation page 454) it say -
      > Determine the character's total hit points by assuming the average result.
      > That's what I've found in research, and I believe if one is following Pathfinder Society rules it would be the same too. Of course, House Rules allow for whatever, but if that is how the default is supposed to be, then perhaps look into a change?
      > .....
      >> David already touched on this. SF is still recovering. Every aspect is being inspected. Just today
      >> they sent out a files list to review to make sure we weren't victimized or hacked.
      > .....
      >> I don't know when anything will be back to normal.
      > .....
      > Thanks again for following up on that, I was just making sure that my computer didn't mess up (it's been having issues), I'm glad to have the reassurance.
      > You guys are awesome, I am really loving this program, thanks! Especially with the devs/coders actually providing feedback and recognizing input from little no-ones like me! :D
      > James

      Andrew Maitland (LegacyKing)
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