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Re: [pcgen] Pathfinder Barbarian: First Impressions

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  • James Dempsey
    Hi cloxileen, On 8/01/2011 4:44 PM cloxileen wrote ... Thanks for your feedback - it is really good timing as we are currently working on substantial revamp of
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      Hi cloxileen,

      On 8/01/2011 4:44 PM cloxileen wrote
      > Hi all,
      > I tried pcgen about 10 years ago (has it been that long?) when I was playing 3.5 D&D. Liked it, but it was a little buggy for Ranger Elves back then.
      > So our group has decided to start up again and I thought I'd give pcgen another try.
      > So here our my first impressions, where the goal was to create a 1st level Barbarian Half-Orc for Pathfinder.
      Thanks for your feedback - it is really good timing as we are currently
      working on substantial revamp of the user interface.

      > 1) During the install, everything is listed by publisher. Pathfinder is made by Paizo, but people who play the game refer to it by game name, not by publisher. The installer should mention Pathfinder somewhere.
      Is this the windows installer where it lists the optional sources? I
      assume you are looking for somewhere to install just pathfinder, 35e etc?

      > 2) On the summary page, I tried to set up my character's abilities. One of the first things a person does when creating a character for D&D and variants is roll for abilities, then apply the racial abilities to maximize the final numbers. So after entering my rolls, I selected Half-Orc on summary page, assuming I'd be able to apply my +2 to the ability of my choice. Nope. So I went to the racial tab, where ALL other races get there racial abilities applied, but nothing is listed for Half-Orc (thought this was a bug initially). On the summary page, double clicking on "racial adj" didn't allow my to change it. So now I've tried three things that intuitively would have led me to changing an ability score, none of which worked. Eventually, I found it four tabs down, in a second layer of tabs under racial abilities. Plus, after selecting it, it put it under "Other adj" instead of under "Racial adj".
      This is a good point. Under the new UI we are planning on making the
      todo list work a bit better, but there isn't any major change for these
      types of abilities. Almost all of the racial attributes have now been
      moved to abilities on the racial abilities subtab. This works well from
      a data implementation perspective but I can see that it is confusing if
      you are not familiar with the implementation.

      > 3) The "levels to add/remove" control is in the middle of the page. However, it is a control for a table on the far right. The two should be grouped together.
      This is fixed in the new UI design (see http://wiki.pcgen.org/Summary
      for where the summary page is heading). Feedback is welcome
      > 4) Inventory: according to the rule book for Pathfinder pg, Armor Spikes are +50gp, yet after selecting my Hide armor, I was able to get them for free.
      That might be a data bug? The data guys will no doubt advise there.

      > 5) Still not sure how to add a plain vanilla gauntlet or cloak. Keeps asking me to 'customize' it.
      Under the rules there isn't a plain cloak or gauntlet defined so we
      don;t add any in by default. The cloak show is a base for magic items,
      but you can have as simple a customisation as renaming it (e.g.
      Travelling Cloak). Some sets such as the PCGen OGL set define some
      simple base items for immediate purchase due to the frequency they are
      requested, however you'll need to load that set to see the items.

      > 6) For adding multiple of the same item to a backpack, kind of tedious to do one at a time.
      The right click menu has some great options for buying multiple items,
      and when equipping you can access some additional functions on the right
      click menu to make adding multiples easier. Again we are looking at this
      in the new UI, see http://wiki.pcgen.org/Inventory for where we are
      going with that one. Again, feedback is very welcome.

      > Anyway, just wanted to give some feedback based on my initial impressions. Looks like some good work has been done since I last tried it out. A few UI usability tweaks would really help clarify parts of the application.
      Many thanks for the feedback - it is always good to hear a new perspective.

      James Dempsey
      PCGen Code SB
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