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Re: [pcgen] Re: Need help with PCGen-Pathfinder related, multiple questions

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Hi, ... No, you don t need to load the APG to make this work. You would need to make a small homebrew set to load with your PF core with the Ability fix I
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 26, 2010

      On 11/25/2010 11:40 PM, hergesrg wrote:
      > Hi Andrew,
      > thank you for your quick reply.
      > To be honest i'm not sure i understand.
      > The druid is not a base class of the APG.
      > If i understand you correctly, i have to add the line beneath to the base class-lst entry of the druid class? Do i have to add the APG to my loaded sources to make this work?

      No, you don't need to load the APG to make this work. You would need to make a small homebrew set to
      load with your PF core with the Ability fix I recommend.

      > Wouldn't it be easier to just delete the druidclassskills-line from the pfcr_classes_base.lst, or would that cause any problems?

      Well, you could. But you'll end up having to repeat this procedure every time you update your copy.
      The solution I'm giving you will work through all the updates you might be doing. No, it won't cause
      issues for you, but it will mean if you desire to make a regular PF compliant druid, you won't be
      able too, unless you restore that line.

      > Sorry for my lack of understanding, but i'm just not very deep into this stuff, and the whole thing is rather complicated.

      I agree, however, Pathfinder has embarked on quite the endeavor to have a lot of flexibility, which
      means we've had to make the sets more complicated to handle the future permutations.

      > Say is there a good manual for understanding the basic principles, variables and structures of PcGen? I mean: "What is done where, how and why?"

      Well, we have Classes in the Docs to teach people how to learn LST coding, and some explanations of
      how these objects interact. F1 will bring up the Help Docs.

      > Thanks!
      > PS: I made a backup of the pfcr_classes_base.lst and tried my "delete the line"-approach. At the moment it looks like this could actually work.

      Oh, it'll work. But it'll only work in that fashion. Quick fix, vs. long term solution.

      If you'd like, I can send you the quick set, and that would be that, but I'd rather help people
      understand the process so they can do it for themselves. ;)


      >> Oh, contrary to that. See, in the Advanced PLayer's Guide you can change the Class Skills of certain
      >> classes.
      >> In order to disable the class skills you just need to have an ability:
      >> Remove Druid Class Skill
      >> CATEGORY:Archetype
      >> TYPE:Archetype.Remove.DruidClassSkills
      >> DESC:This removes the Druid Class Skills
      >> COST:0
      >> Under the Archetypes Tab, add that to the character and the Druid Skills go bye-bye.
      > ------------------------------------
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