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BoD log for November 22nd, 2010

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  • Andrew Maitland
    [18:02] *Bangs Gavel* Welcome to the BoD meeting, it s a non-quorum meeting tonight [18:03] *Kinda, I can count for Data
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2010
      [18:02] <@[Chair]Andrew> *Bangs Gavel* Welcome to the BoD meeting, it's a non-quorum meeting tonight
      [18:03] <@[Chair]Andrew> *Kinda, I can count for Data too...
      [18:03] <@[Chair]Andrew> Anyways, the agenda from our Chair is:
      [18:03] <@[Chair]Andrew> 1. 5.16.4 release status
      [18:03] <@[Chair]Andrew> 2. 5.17.x project(s) status
      [18:03] <@[Chair]Andrew> 3. Web forums project, we ok to start looking into this again (is Anestis
      back from RL?)
      [18:03] <@[Chair]Andrew> 4. UI project, is it worth getting John to start on the next screens or get
      him to evaluate the existing ones (skills, races etc)
      [18:03] <@[Chair]Andrew> Hm, looks like we're missing Team Reports
      [18:03] <@[Chair]Andrew> Let's make that Item 0
      [18:03] <[Arch_SB]thpr> and the meeting schedule issue
      [18:03] <[Arch_SB]thpr> #5
      [18:04] <@[Chair]Andrew> Correct
      [18:04] <@[Chair]Andrew> Okay, I'll start off with the teams I represent today
      [18:04] <@[Chair]Andrew> Admin - Web: Anestis is investigating the Web Forums this Weekend. (Covers
      #3 Item)
      [18:05] <@[Chair]Andrew> Admin - Trackers: Awaiting Docs and Code Teams to clear the trackers from
      SF to JIRA (David is standing By for the clearance to move things)
      [18:06] <@[Chair]Andrew> Admin - Release: 5.16.4 Production was released, this closes the 5.16
      branch, and all movement is now focused back on the Trunk.
      [18:06] <@[Chair]Andrew> I went ahead and moved the APG to the Trunk.
      [18:06] <@[Chair]Andrew> Content - Data: Bug Fixes in the APG and Gaslight
      [18:07] <@[Chair]Andrew> Content - OS: Chuck has been closing the OS FREQs and Bugs.
      [18:07] <@[Chair]Andrew> Content - Docs: Not much to report here. Stefan added notes on the NEW
      STATUS tag.
      [18:07] <@[Chair]Andrew> Any questions for the Content or Admin Teams? -- James you're up next if
      [18:08] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Quick data question - were there other sets first released in 5.16.4 that
      need to be ported back to trunk?
      [18:09] <jamesd[Code_SB]> I'm assuming people will expect to see them in 5.17.4
      [18:09] <@[Chair]Andrew> Not to my knowledge, I did a massive sweep awhile back so we *should* be
      current, I'll do a last sweep to make sure we match up, but to my knowledge all sets in 5.16 are in
      [18:10] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Excellent
      [18:10] <jamesd[Code_SB]> No further questions form me
      [18:10] <@[Chair]Andrew> Okay, you're up then.
      [18:11] <jamesd[Code_SB]> ok, here's the code report
      [18:11] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Code bugs: 13 created and 37 resolved.
      [18:11] <jamesd[Code_SB]> To put that in perspective, we've just carved off a third of the open bug
      [18:11] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Many thanks to Tom for his huge effort there
      [18:11] <jamesd[Code_SB]> That should make for a nice stable 5.17.4 release this weekend.
      [18:11] <@[Chair]Andrew> Awesome Job!
      [18:11] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Thanks
      [18:11] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Sub project status:
      [18:11] <jamesd[Code_SB]> * CDOM - Tom to report.
      [18:11] <jamesd[Code_SB]> * UI - Preferences dialog almost done
      [18:11] <jamesd[Code_SB]> * FormulaCompiler - No further progress
      [18:11] <jamesd[Code_SB]> * Templating Engine - no status available.
      [18:11] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Any questions?
      [18:12] <@[Chair]Andrew> Yeah
      [18:12] <@[Chair]Andrew> Stefan didn't get any report to you?
      [18:12] <jamesd[Code_SB]> no
      [18:12] <@[Chair]Andrew> second question
      [18:12] <@[Chair]Andrew> When do we think the grand merge will be ready?
      [18:13] <jamesd[Code_SB]> unless we decide to do a hybrid it is a way off - there are still quite a
      few tabs to be implemented
      [18:14] <jamesd[Code_SB]> What is there works really nicely though and combined with the CDOM speed
      improvements I think it will be a really nice experience
      [18:14] <@[Chair]Andrew> Third question just slipped my mind, gah... Hopefully it'll come back
      before the end of the meeting.
      [18:14] <jamesd[Code_SB]> np
      [18:14] <@[Chair]Andrew> Oh, last two - UI Meeting and discussion revisit for ABILITYPOOLS and
      [18:15] <@[Chair]Andrew> When do we plan the next UI meeting?
      [18:15] <jamesd[Code_SB]> not currently planned - it depends on when people have tie and there is
      progress to discuss
      [18:15] <jamesd[Code_SB]> *time
      [18:15] <@[Chair]Andrew> and Tom would like a discussion for ABILITYPOOLS and ABILITYCATEGORY // I'd
      also like to see the PRE and REQ discussion soon.
      [18:16] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I don't think that's the priority at the moment, to be honest (Ability Pool)
      [18:16] <@[Chair]Andrew> UI Meeting - Okay, sounds good.
      [18:16] <[Arch_SB]thpr> There are issues we have, but we have to pick what we address first
      [18:16] <@[Chair]Andrew> Ability Pool - Should I tracker that as a Discussion then so we don't forget?
      [18:16] <[Arch_SB]thpr> For now it works, though the implications of recent requests make it
      questionable if a split could still be done as originally envisioned
      [18:16] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I don't see a need for a tracker beyond the one that already exists
      [18:17] <[Arch_SB]thpr> PRE and REQ are also another project that is not on the hot plate at the moment
      [18:17] <jamesd[Code_SB]> I think we previously stated that we would like to avoid scope increases
      for the 6.0 run - it is big enough already
      [18:17] <@[Chair]Andrew> Okay, fair enough. Those are the burning questions I had now that we're
      back on course with the trunk
      [18:17] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I need to address the core first. So let's get rid of cloning and drive
      forward type safety, then pick the next battles
      [18:17] <[Arch_SB]thpr> ... what James said
      [18:17] <@[Chair]Andrew> Sounds good.
      [18:17] <jamesd[Code_SB]> As such I'd like those two discussions held off until we hit the beta
      stage for 6.0
      [18:18] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Bringing 6.0 home is going to be a fun challenge as is :)
      [18:18] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Any further code questions?
      [18:18] <@[Chair]Andrew> Nope, those are mine. Thanks.
      [18:19] <@[Chair]Andrew> Tom, you're it (Last man standing)
      [18:19] <@[Chair]Andrew> ;)
      [18:19] <[Arch_SB]thpr> So the major focus of my time recently was code bugs
      [18:19] <@[Chair]Andrew> [Much appreciated too!]
      [18:19] <[Arch_SB]thpr> The arch work still progresses. I actually cleaned up the remainder of the
      first pass of token work to enable the Editor
      [18:20] <[Arch_SB]thpr> So all tokens are now "new" in that they return a message if they fail
      (rather than writing to a difficult to grab log)
      [18:20] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Excellent
      [18:20] <@[Chair]Andrew> seconded!
      [18:21] <[Arch_SB]thpr> The facet work is on hold pending some test items, so the TEST requests Drew
      has (e.g. 46 end 47) are things I want to see in place before I pull any more strings
      [18:22] <@[Chair]Andrew> [We have at least one outstanding bug blocking that currently]
      [18:22] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I want to understand what doesn't work (I'm expecting a few problems) to
      ensure the code that is different is different because it's a problem, not because it should really
      be different
      [18:22] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I thought I fixed that bug yesterday
      [18:22] <@[Chair]Andrew> I may have missed it in the massive 20+ bugs that got fixed in the last 36
      hours. :D
      [18:22] <[Arch_SB]thpr> ok. You should link the issues if they depend on a bug fix
      [18:23] <[Arch_SB]thpr> that way we can quickly tell
      [18:23] <[Arch_SB]thpr> Anyway, I think that work can progress now (please let me know if not Drew)
      [18:23] <@[Chair]Andrew> They link when I put the other tracker name in the description automatically
      [18:23] <@[Chair]Andrew> or at least make an auto link for review, not the actual dependency one.
      [18:26] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I think I have a pathway to pull out some more Ability function into facets,
      and I _think_ at the end of that process, we can stop cloning abilities. That's a bit speculative
      (there seem to be surprises at times), since I haven't done the complete exploration, but that's the
      view I have right now
      [18:26] <[Arch_SB]thpr> that would only leave classes and equipment as cloned (And equipement isn't
      part of 6.0 scope at the moment)
      [18:27] <[Arch_SB]thpr> so soem good opportunity once I have the tests to help ensure I don't break
      things :)
      [18:27] <[Arch_SB]thpr> any questions?
      [18:27] <@[Chair]Andrew> Nope, sounds good. I'll get the tests implemented in Alice, Bob and Charlie
      [18:27] <[Arch_SB]thpr> thanks
      [18:28] <[Arch_SB]thpr> At some point we may want to indroduce a David or something
      [18:28] <[Arch_SB]thpr> So the first 3 don't get too complicated
      [18:28] <@[Chair]Andrew> With these new tests, I think David and Edward will be coming up shortly
      [18:28] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I'll have to see if I can find the list of names from the original book
      [18:28] <@[Chair]Andrew> Cool
      [18:28] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Yes my work on Bob was very confusing
      [18:29] <[Arch_SB]thpr> So let's plan to put the new tests in 3 new PCs
      [18:29] <@[Chair]Andrew> We also need to get a couple of them for PF.
      [18:29] <[Arch_SB]thpr> to keep from complicating ABC
      [18:30] <@[Chair]Andrew> Agreed
      [18:30] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Yep some tests of PF characters would be good as that is where our main
      focus is these days
      [18:30] <jamesd[Code_SB]> They might help the data team too
      [18:30] <@[Chair]Andrew> I've asked Stefan to work on some complicated ones, since he knows how to
      make them really complicated.
      [18:31] <@[Chair]Andrew> For PR - I haven't heard much from Eric on that front.
      [18:31] <@[Chair]Andrew> I'm not sure if the 5.16 Release News went out into the big news outlets.
      [18:32] <@[Chair]Andrew> Anyways, I think that wraps up the Team reports.
      [18:32] <@[Chair]Andrew> 2. 5.17.x project(s) status
      [18:32] <@[Chair]Andrew> Anything else we need to hit here?
      [18:33] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Just that 5.16.4 is out and there have been over 400 downloads already
      [18:33] <jamesd[Code_SB]> and that there is a 5.17.4 release planned for this weekend
      [18:34] <@[Chair]Andrew> I think we hit the UI, and CDOM, nothing from Stefan on Template Engine...
      [18:34] <@[Chair]Andrew> I already hit #3 in the team report
      [18:34] <jamesd[Code_SB]> yep I think I covered most of the 5.17 projects
      [18:34] <@[Chair]Andrew> 4. UI project, is it worth getting John to start on the next screens or get
      him to evaluate the existing ones (skills, races etc)
      [18:34] <@[Chair]Andrew> I don't think it would be a bad idea to get started in the next tabs.
      [18:35] <@[Chair]Andrew> Have goals to work towards at least.
      [18:35] <@[Chair]Andrew> It's been a long while since the last meeting anyways.
      [18:35] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Actually a good next step would be a review of what we have put together
      so far
      [18:36] <@[Chair]Andrew> If you feel it's stable, I'll give it another whirl
      [18:36] <jamesd[Code_SB]> We already have a few todos there from the list feedback which is great
      [18:36] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Absolutely
      [18:36] <@[Chair]Andrew> Is the link on the wiki? If so, I'll just grab it again.
      [18:38] <jamesd[Code_SB]> yep
      [18:38] <@[Chair]Andrew> Cool. Okay, last item on our agenda #5 - Meeting Times
      [18:38] <@[Chair]Andrew> Those present have already filled in the wiki with the availability.
      [18:38] <jamesd[Code_SB]> I think a review by John and Kerry (being our designers) would be good though
      [18:39] <@[Chair]Andrew> @Review - Agreed.
      [18:40] <@[Chair]Andrew> @Meeting Times - London: Looks like Sunday is best so far.
      [18:41] <@[Chair]Andrew> Australia is between Monday and Thursday
      [18:41] <[Arch_SB]thpr> So Monday morning for James on the London one?
      [18:41] <@[Chair]Andrew> Though to be honest, Australia is going to change to no's for me come
      January as my work schedule changes :(
      [18:41] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Yeah that might be dodgy for me
      [18:42] <[Arch_SB]thpr> did you sync days the wrong way on those James?
      [18:42] <[Arch_SB]thpr> Do you want OKs on Fri and Sat, which are Sat and Sun your time?
      [18:43] <@[Chair]Andrew> For the folks following along at home -
      [18:43] <@[Chair]Andrew> http://wiki.pcgen.org/Meeting_Time
      [18:43] <jamesd[Code_SB]> yeah I might have done that
      [18:44] <[Arch_SB]thpr> k. Another option we could consider would be to go a bit earlier in the day
      (an hour or two) and try to catch you before work Monday
      [18:44] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Actually I think the time zones changed after I put my info in :)
      [18:44] <[Arch_SB]thpr> (as if you want to wake up real early monday morning)
      [18:44] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Indeed
      [18:44] <jamesd[Code_SB]> but I could do that every now and again
      [18:44] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Would be every 4 weeks presumably?
      [18:44] <@[Chair]Andrew> looking at a six week rotation
      [18:44] <[Arch_SB]thpr> every 6 at most
      [18:45] <@[Chair]Andrew> A, B, C
      [18:45] <jamesd[Code_SB]> yep can be done
      [18:45] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I kind of cringing at the 6 AM Eastern calls
      [18:45] <@[Chair]Andrew> Uh, 3am Western Thanks :P
      [18:47] <[Arch_SB]thpr> ok, I think we've made the point on that - need to get input from the 2nds
      and any other team members that want to attend
      [18:47] <[Arch_SB]thpr> and Eric
      [18:47] <jamesd[Code_SB]> ok, my times have been updated
      [18:47] <@[Chair]Andrew> Agreed, better method to figure out one of each that allows each member to
      attend at least one meeting
      [18:48] <@[Chair]Andrew> I fear the Aussie friendly schedule will leave me out for that meeting.
      [18:48] *** Swiftbrook has joined #pcgen
      [18:48] <@[Chair]Andrew> Unless we have anything further than, I think quick open forum.
      [18:48] <[Arch_SB]thpr> understandable. But since it's mid-day, Kar can chair it :)
      [18:48] <@[Chair]Andrew> Oh, I would hope so. :P
      [18:49] <@[Chair]Andrew> Make our Chair do his job again. Muwa ha ha
      [18:49] <@[Chair]Andrew> Okay, any observers have anything they wish to bring up?
      [18:51] <@[Chair]Andrew> Looks like everyone is happy with the progress.
      [18:51] <@[Chair]Andrew> Thanks for coming everyone *Bangs Gavel* Meeting Closed.

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