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Board of Director Meeting Log - November 8th, 2010

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  • Andrew Maitland
    [18:04] okay, I ve got 6pm PST *Bangs Gavel* Let s begin [18:04] We re currently a SB short, but he said he ll be along
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2010
      [18:04] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> okay, I've got 6pm PST *Bangs Gavel* Let's begin
      [18:04] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> We're currently a SB short, but he said he'll be along shortly, so we
      have a Quorum if need be.
      [18:04] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Our Agenda today:
      [18:05] *** Thoth___ has joined #pcgen
      [18:05] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> 1.) Team Reports
      [18:05] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> 2.) 5.16.4 status -
      [18:05] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> 3.) 5.17.x status
      [18:06] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> 4.) Alternate BoD Meeting Times/Days
      [18:06] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> I'll begin with Admin, and I didn't catch anything from Barak, so I'll
      wing that one.
      [18:07] *** [Arch_SB]thpr has joined #pcgen
      [18:07] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Admin - Release: 5.16.4RC3 went out the door, courtesy of James. We have
      a commit freeze in place. Due to a couple of commits Data Approved, we will have a short RC release
      on Wednesday, and barring a Core Set blowing up a users computer, Final should be this Weekend.
      [18:08] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Admin - Web: No activity here, I'll be chasing up Anestis on the Forum
      issue. He's been busy with adjusting to a new schedule. So I've been leaving him alone... He's
      deserved a bit of a break.
      [18:09] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Admin - Trackers: Teams still need to finish sweeping their relevant
      trackers for Admin to port issues to JIRA. I think once the dust settles on 5.16.4 Final we can push
      to have that be a bit higher priority.
      [18:10] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Any questions for Admin before I wing Data and OS?
      [18:10] <[PR]Maredudd> None from PR
      [18:10] <jamesd[Code_SB]> none here
      [18:13] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Content - Data: We had a few Pathfinder fixes that needed to be entered.
      Per Barak "Unless a CORE Set is blowing a user's computer up, we shouldn't be committing anything else".
      [18:14] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Content - OS: Chuck has been inputting some nice OS fixes, the final one
      didn't make the deadline for the 5.16, but that's okay. It's nice to see some OS love in action.
      [18:14] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Eric, can you handle the Docs, and segway into PR?
      [18:14] <[PR]Maredudd> Sure.
      [18:16] <[PR]Maredudd> There are a number of Doc Trackers that still need to be moved from SF to
      JIRA. We'll finally see movement on those this week and continueing until tey are all moved. We'll
      also start seeing doc work pick up again shortly. There is a lot of stuff that needs to be updated.
      [18:17] <[PR]Maredudd> If there are no questions I'll move to PR.
      [18:18] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> none
      [18:20] <[PR]Maredudd> The official announcement for RC3 will go out after the Mac version is
      uploaded, though f it takes long enough we might just see Production release announcement instead.
      [18:21] <[PR]Maredudd> Licensing Reviews are being handed as necessary by Paul G.
      [18:21] <[PR]Maredudd> PR has nothing else at this time.
      [18:21] <jamesd[Code_SB]> For these last RCs, advising just our lists would seem fair - make the big
      annoucement for the prod release
      [18:21] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Agreed
      [18:21] <[PR]Maredudd> That's what I have been leaning towards James.
      [18:22] <[PR]Maredudd> I'll drop a quick note on the main list for RC3 and RC4 when it comes out.
      [18:23] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Sounds good
      [18:23] <[PR]Maredudd> On a side note, I have my new computer and am working my way through the Mac
      Release process . . .
      [18:24] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Excellent - always good to have someone else who can do these tasks. (not
      to mention new computers being a good thing)
      [18:25] <[PR]Maredudd> :-)
      [18:25] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> James - you ready to hit Code Reports?
      [18:26] <jamesd[Code_SB]> sure
      [18:27] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Code report 9Nov2010
      [18:27] <jamesd[Code_SB]> 16 bugs created and 20 resolved since last meeting. Many thanks for the
      bug reports. We have made a total of 29 code fixes for the 5.16.4 release, many of which were
      highlighted due to user reports.
      [18:27] <jamesd[Code_SB]> There have been a few checkins from code since the RC3 release. These have
      been corrections to earlier changes. No new changes are anticipated.
      [18:27] <jamesd[Code_SB]> All unit tests are passing again and we have a better view of them now
      with the character tests being included in the Hudson CI runs.
      [18:27] <jamesd[Code_SB]> We had a code team meeting a few days ago, in which there was a good
      discussion on the sub projects, particularly the formula compiler.
      [18:27] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Sub project status:
      [18:27] <jamesd[Code_SB]> * CDOM - Tom to report.
      [18:27] <jamesd[Code_SB]> * UI - No progress due to 5.16 work and real life
      [18:27] <jamesd[Code_SB]> * FormulaCompiler - good discussion as mentioned above and as an outcome
      of that some architectural changes have been made to trunk to support the needs of the sub-project.
      [18:27] <jamesd[Code_SB]> * Templating Engine - no status available.
      [18:27] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Any questions?
      [18:28] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Sounds good to me
      [18:28] <[PR]Maredudd> None from PR
      [18:29] <[Arch_SB]thpr> not from me
      [18:29] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Tom you're up :)
      [18:29] <[Arch_SB]thpr> ok
      [18:29] <[Arch_SB]thpr> Recent work focused on the testing of actors (things that act when a CHOOSE:
      is made, typically those things that have %LIST in the token)
      [18:30] <[Arch_SB]thpr> That system is now testing most items for round-robin behavior (so a PC is
      the same with an add->remove cycle)
      [18:30] <[Arch_SB]thpr> This will help ensure changes are symmetric and is part of ensuring we can
      change levels, remove items, etc. and have the appropriate behavior
      [18:31] <[Arch_SB]thpr> Now work goes toward some of where associations are made in the code, so
      that the items can be converted to be type safe choices. That has driven a number of code test
      requests for additions to the unit test system
      [18:31] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Presumably that will help us reach the goal of leveling down being a
      complete process
      [18:31] <[Arch_SB]thpr> yes, that is the bug I put the checkin against :)
      [18:31] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Excellent!
      [18:32] <[Arch_SB]thpr> There is also some persistence work to do (as some items need to be restored
      when persisted, some not), so that is part of the conversion
      [18:33] <[Arch_SB]thpr> This goes one step closer to getting selections to be type safe, and thus
      reduce wasted processing time
      [18:33] <[Arch_SB]thpr> However, Abilities and Classes will still be a challenge until we can stop
      cloning them.
      [18:33] <[Arch_SB]thpr> any questions?
      [18:33] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> yes
      [18:34] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Will any of this get us to a point where skills are easier to
      manipulate? (And if the answer is lengthy, then I'll accept it off list). :)
      [18:35] <[Arch_SB]thpr> not sure I understand the question
      [18:35] <jamesd[Code_SB]> is that from an LST perspective or from a user spending skill points?
      [18:35] <[Arch_SB]thpr> what ease of manipulation are you looking for?
      [18:36] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> currently Skill Pools can't be changed on the fly, only on level down or
      up can they be changed
      [18:36] <[Arch_SB]thpr> completely unrelated to the work I am doing
      [18:37] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Okay, just wondering
      [18:38] *** Swiftbrook has joined #pcgen
      [18:38] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Unless there are other questions for Tom, let's move onto the remaining
      [18:38] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> 2.) 5.16.4 status -
      [18:39] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Barring any major incidents, I think we're ready for the Final Release
      this weekend, the RC this Wednesday is it...
      [18:39] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Is everyone in agreement that we're ready for the Final Release of
      5.16.4 this weekend?
      [18:39] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Aye
      [18:39] <[PR]Maredudd> PR Agrees
      [18:40] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Standing in for Content - Aye; and Admin is also Aye.
      [18:40] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Tom?
      [18:41] <[Arch_SB]thpr> y
      [18:41] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Excellent, next agenda item - 5.17.x status. We're still on schedule for
      releasing a week after 5.16.4 goes final.
      [18:42] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Not much discussion there...
      [18:43] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Okay, last Item - Alternate BoD Times and Schedule
      [18:43] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Did everyone have a chance to review Tom's proposed times?
      [18:45] <jamesd[Code_SB]> They looked fine to me. I would be restricted in how long I could attend
      for in the morning ones Australian time, but I think they are good options.
      [18:45] <[PR]Maredudd> Remind me what they were?
      [18:45] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Tom you have a quick link handy?
      [18:45] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I don't
      [18:46] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> "Aussie Friendly" proposed time:
      [18:46] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> 10PM AExT (Canberra)
      [18:46] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> 7 AM EDT (East Coast USA)
      [18:46] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> 11AM GMT
      [18:46] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Note the AExT is FIXED, other times zones swap around that.
      [18:46] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM>
      [18:46] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> "Europe Friendly" proposed time
      [18:46] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> London time 10 PM (currently GMT +1)
      [18:46] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> GMT 9 PM
      [18:46] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> EDT 5 PM
      [18:46] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> PDT 2 PM
      [18:46] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> AEDT 8 AM
      [18:46] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Note the London time is FIXED, other time zones swap around that.
      [18:46] *** No text to send
      [18:46] <[Arch_SB]thpr> Note these show Daylight times in the US and we swapped
      [18:46] <[Arch_SB]thpr> now on EST
      [18:46] <[Arch_SB]thpr> for example
      [18:47] <jamesd[Code_SB]>
      [18:48] <jamesd[Code_SB]> of if we are fixing at 10pm London, that would be an hour later now
      [18:49] <jamesd[Code_SB]>
      [18:49] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> This is the last item on my agenda, so if we can get some sort of
      resolution, that'd be good.
      [18:50] <jamesd[Code_SB]> What was the other time?
      [18:50] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> We just had the two Alternates
      [18:51] <jamesd[Code_SB]> oops, didn;t read far enough back - apologies
      [18:51] <[PR]Maredudd> We're looking at Teusdays?
      [18:51] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Aussie Friendly, London Friendly, and Current American Friendly
      [18:51] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I'm not sure we picked a day of week
      [18:51] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> nope, we haven't
      [18:51] <jamesd[Code_SB]> The first one would be
      [18:51] <[Arch_SB]thpr> since the intent was to update the wiki after we did the times
      [18:52] <jamesd[Code_SB]> I'm happy with those times and am happy to update the wiki on which days I
      could make it
      [18:52] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Same here
      [18:52] <[PR]Maredudd> I can deal with those times.
      [18:53] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Aussie is the most brutal on me, but if we do the weekend I can manage a
      lot easier
      [18:53] <[PR]Maredudd> Same here.
      [18:53] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Thur-Fri-Sat I mean
      [18:54] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> which would be Fri/Sat/Sun for James
      [18:54] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Happy to negotiate there - it is rather harsh for you
      [18:55] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> If Kar makes it, he can chair on the other days, I'll be at work and
      it'll be iffy if I can make it.
      [18:56] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Okay, so let's hash out a day schedule on the wiki, James, I think those
      Date Links are better, Cause my Friday is your Saturday and matching days is not easy when factoring
      [18:57] <jamesd[Code_SB]> nope, it gets complex
      [18:57] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> The World Time Date Links shows days and times nicely.
      [18:58] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Lets put them up as samples on the wiki and all report our days in one
      standard - say the GMT day
      [18:58] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> Agreed.
      [18:59] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> James if you can handle that, I think that handles the agenda. Open
      Forum, anything we need to discuss - Observers welcome to add comments now.
      [18:59] <jamesd[Code_SB]> can do
      [19:02] <Thoth___> Skills were mentioned; is there any way to add user-named skills to individual
      [19:03] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> I believe the LST Editor can handle the creation of such skills.
      [19:08] <jamesd[Code_SB]> it can yes
      [19:09] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> anything else?
      [19:10] <[PR]Maredudd> Nothing from PR
      [19:10] <@[Chair]AndrewAAM> okay, thanks for coming folks, meeting adjourned *Bangs Gavel*

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