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Re: [pcgen] Re: proposal - restructuring the data folder

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Hi, ... I can understand that. It would be a pain to update those links... ... You know what, you re absolutely correct. It would just be easier to leave them
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 25, 2010

      On 10/25/2010 6:15 PM, Eddy Anthony wrote:
      > Andrew Maitland scribed:
      >> As long as the conversion set pcc points to the correct relative path of
      >> the core files for that
      >> book, it should be fine to be in the gamemode it's supporting. Which is why a
      >> standardized naming
      >> needs to also be enacted for all of our sets and especially the older files.
      > This breaks with how I've set up the conversion sets I've made and I think
      > it has disadvantages that outweigh any advantage.

      I can understand that. It would be a pain to update those links...

      > Currently conversion sets live in a folder within the source dataset and
      > it's links are relational, they simply point one directory level up. The
      > advantages of this are that the conversion pcc does not need to be updated
      > if the source dataset is moved because the conversion set goes along for the
      > ride. If the conversion set lives in an outside directory then it needs to
      > be updated any time the source data is moved. Also, being outside the source
      > dataset increases the possibility that it will not be updated should the
      > source be moved because there is no indicator within the source data that a
      > dependant conversion set even exists. Lastly it just makes sense to keep it
      > together in terms of maintenance, when you find problems with the conversion
      > set there is a good chance you will need to fix something in the source
      > data. It's much more convenient to have it all in one place.

      You know what, you're absolutely correct. It would just be easier to leave them together. That would
      be the exception, and those conversion folders clearly ID the gamemode, so I can agree with that.
      > Other than that I don't object to the proposed structure but I would
      > emphasize the fact that James pointed out that this will break any homebrew
      > with data path dependencies. So you need to weigh the possible value vs. the
      > possible hassle to our users. I don't think you've made a case yet, at least
      > I'm not seeing the advantage here. You wrote that this would allow gamemode
      > global changes a lot easier, could you explain how exactly this would make
      > it so?

      When I was going through and making changes to the Natural Armor issue, that is by Game Mode - Any
      set which uses X gamemode needed to have that. In my editor I can do a quick search of all the files
      in a data folder, but we can't see which gamemode any pcc file uses unless we open it. We have
      several gamemodes, and All the data sets all reside in one big master folder.

      Darwins World 2
      Legends Of Excalibur

      Beyond those, I have my own homebrew ones that encompass:
      Starwars Saga Edition
      World of Darkness
      My variation of 3.5/Pathfinder
      and if I ever get motivated to finish-

      I know CMP had their own set of gamemodes.

      Anyways, there is no definable method to determine what sets go with what gamemode. Having all the
      sets in those groups would be easier from the maintenance point of view.

      Yes, for the homebrews, we would need a method to track links. I agree. This is a late trunk proposal.

      Andrew Maitland (LegacyKing)
      Admin Silverback - PCGen Board of Directors
      Data 2nd, Docs Tamarin, OS Lemur
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