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Re: [pcgen] Need some help making a template/class

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Hi Chaos Ninja, The LST Coding questions are supposed to be handled on the PCGen LST File Help group. [Link to group in footer] However, since I think I m the
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 24, 2010
      Hi Chaos Ninja,

      The LST Coding questions are supposed to be handled on the PCGen LST File Help group. [Link to group
      in footer]

      However, since I think I'm the only monkey really active on Sundays, I'll just x-post the answer
      there, and ask that you follow-up on the correct list.

      Rest inline.

      On 10/24/2010 1:49 PM, the_chaos_ninja wrote:
      > Ok, As a long time user and lover of PcGen I tried to work this out on my own, and I keep getting stuck so I have come to ask for help in making this into a template or class for my character.

      Well, which is it? A Class and a Template are two wholly different approaches.

      > In short it is meant to be taken by a special class of half-elves and was made with the help of the savage progression classes.

      Looks like Class it is...

      > Winged Elf - Modded for taking as a level
      > HD: d6 - Winged elves are not as hardy as other races, but they are not overly frail and as such get a hit die
      > saves: +1 ref - they are more agile as they have to operate in 3 dimensions rather then 2.
      > Flight: Winged elves have a glide speed of 40ft and a fly speed of 30 at level 1 with average maneuverability, 40 at level 5 with good maneuverability and 50 at level 10 with perfect maneuverability, if taken later each one takes effect next level.
      > Flight Reflexes (Ex): 150% Dex modifier when aloft. (takes effect either after 2 levels or 1 month of training)
      > Bonus to skills: +2 to Hide, Spot, Move Silently, Listen, and Search - reflecting the changes to physical abilities. Other skills are learned and not gained, this replaces the half elf skill bonuses. They also become class skills if not already.
      > +1 Strength +1 Dexterity, +1 Charisma with the final +1 to each gained at level 5
      > Gains elven revelry - needs to rest for 4 hours every 24. how ever they can rest for longer times to be able to go longer, up to 3 days after resting for 12 hours. after a fight they must rest though, as they are used to flying for long times without landing.

      ' <> ' = A Tab Spacing

      CLASS:Your Elf <> MAXLEVEL:10 <> TYPE:Base.PC <> HD:6 <> BONUS:CHECKS|Reflex|1
      CLASS:Your Elf <> PRERACE:1,Elf%,RACETYPE=Elf
      CLASS:Your Elf <> CSKILL:Hide|Spot|Move Silently|Listen|Search
      1 <> BONUS:SKILL|Hide,Spot,Move Silently,Listen,Search|2
      1 <> ABILITY:Special Ability|AUTOMATIC|Flight ~ Winged Elf|Flight Maneuverability <>
      5 <> BONUS:MOVEADD|TYPE.Fly|10 <> BONUS:VAR|Maneuverability|1
      10 <> BONUS:MOVEADD|TYPE.Fly|10 <> BONUS:VAR|Maneuverability|1

      For the flight stuff, that get's more into the advanced stuff, let me know if you're really
      interested in taking the plunge with Abilities. Otherwise the SAB will work for you.
      1 <> SAB:Write in what the Stuff is, Flight et al.

      Flight ~ Winged Elf will need to be created by you, otherwise remove that entry.

      # Ability File
      Flight <> KEY:Flight ~ Winged Elf <> CATEGORY:Special Ability <> TYPE:SpecialQuality <>

      For the nice wordy stuff, you'd do a SAB (Simple) or an ABILITY (more complex, but better display).

      Okay, that should get you on the right path. If you need more help, do follow up on the correct
      group. Thanks.


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