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Re: [pcgen] Two handed weapon plus buckler

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Hi, Here is the code that is supposed to control this: BONUS:COMBAT|TOHIT|-1|PREMULT:1,[PREEQUIPBOTH:1,TYPE=Melee],[PREEQUIPSECONDARY:1,TYPE=Melee] One of
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 21, 2010

      Here is the code that is 'supposed' to control this:


      One of two conditions must be met:

      You have a Melee Weapon in the Secondary aka Off-hand OR You have a Melee Weapon in Both Hands.

      Now here is the rules issue - You don't take a -1 to Hit fighting Two Handed If you aren't using the
      buckler as a defense IIRC.

      The Blocks might need reworking.

      In either case I'm not exactly sure what the proper outcome should be. Do we need to add to the OS
      block for situational modifiers? Should the -1 be constant for Two Handed...

      If you can supply the simple pcg file that would be great, in fact, if you can export a couple of
      the pdf character sheets that would be awesome too!

      If you'd like, you can open a JIRA tracker yourself, upload those items, and then you can be kept
      informed direct when people comment or work on the issue.


      You'll want to create a data bug for now.

      On 10/20/2010 9:31 PM, Abigail Michell wrote:
      > I have a generated a character that equips a buckler as well as a
      > bastard sword. One handed the bonus to hit should be one more than
      > when wielded two handed. On the character sheet however this isn't
      > reflected unless I set up two equip sets, one One handed and the other
      > Two handed, and even then on the character sheet with all the equip
      > types under the weapon it's wrong for the other equip style when using
      > each equip set (when selected two handed, the one handed to hit is
      > wrong, and vice versa).
      > Unfortunately if the weapon is just carried then the two handed and
      > one handed attack bonuses are the same and they shouldn't be, it's not
      > taking the buckler into account for the two handed attack unless it is
      > specifically specified in the equip section, which then shows the
      > wrong to hit bonus for one handed attack.
      > Hope that makes sense. I can provide a pcg file if needed.
      > Abby.
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