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BoD Quorum Meeting - 9/13/10

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Hi, [19:00] Greeting everyone, I have 7pm PDT [19:00] It appears this will be another non-quorum meeting [19:00]
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2010

      [19:00] <@AndrewAAM> Greeting everyone, I have 7pm PDT
      [19:00] <@AndrewAAM> It appears this will be another non-quorum meeting
      [19:00] <@AndrewAAM> However, as always, we can press on, no major decisions can be made or voted upon
      [19:01] <@AndrewAAM> Our agenda for this evening
      [19:01] <@AndrewAAM> Team reports followed by:
      [19:01] <@AndrewAAM> 1.) 5.16.3 - I noticed there were a couple of issues around dataset linking?
      Should we quietly rebuild and re-release the installers?
      [19:01] <@AndrewAAM> 2.) 5.17.4 (Alpha) - Schedule?
      [19:01] <@AndrewAAM> 3.) Now that we will be concentrating on the 6.0 line again, I'd like to
      investigate a mini roadmap to get the UI changes merged in with the rest of the core changes.
      Tom/James, is this feasible? My thinking is that we'll have users hitting the new UI with the
      alphas and giving us that valuable feedback nice and early. I'm also wary of a large and
      complicated merge and the end of the 2 separate development efforts.
      [19:01] <@AndrewAAM> I'll start with Admin Report
      [19:01] <@AndrewAAM> Web - Nothing to report on this front
      [19:02] <@AndrewAAM> Trackers - SF to JIRA are slow going but happening still, I saw a new report
      over there and I think Kar handled it.
      [19:02] *** Thoth___ has joined #pcgen
      [19:02] <@AndrewAAM> Release - James will cover that under Agenda #1 and #2
      [19:03] <@AndrewAAM> That's it for the Admin Team - Personal endeavors, I've been working on the APG
      Data Set getting the Archetypes finished off. It's bee a time consuming process and taking all the
      free time I have that hasn't been for my own gaming group.
      [19:03] <@AndrewAAM> Oh, and helping a user off-list the past couple of days.
      [19:04] <@AndrewAAM> Any questions for Admin?
      [19:04] <[PR]Maredudd> None from PR
      [19:04] <jamesd[Code_SB]> None here
      [19:04] <@AndrewAAM> James, since you're usually under the gun, would you like to speak for both
      Code and Arch? [Your up next anyways]
      [19:04] <jamesd[Code_SB]> sure
      [19:04] <@AndrewAAM> Go for it. :)
      [19:05] <jamesd[Code_SB]> On the code front, we have resolved 1 bug while 5 have been raised.
      [19:05] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Otherwise it has been quiet
      [19:05] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Mostly as I spent a lot of the fortnight away - Worldcon was a blast :)
      [19:06] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Both arch and UI have been relatively quiet since the last meeting too
      [19:06] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Any questions?
      [19:06] <[PR]Maredudd> Nope
      [19:06] <@AndrewAAM> None here
      [19:06] <@AndrewAAM> Eric, you're up.
      [19:06] <[PR]Maredudd> Ok. PR Report
      [19:06] *** BlackBook has joined #pcgen
      [19:08] <[PR]Maredudd> There has been no official communications with publishers since last meeting
      and no new requests for permission sent either.
      [19:09] <[PR]Maredudd> Press Releases went out in good time after 5.16.3 went out. The Advertising
      team is always looking for feedback.
      [19:10] <[PR]Maredudd> A quick note for those on Face Book. PCGen has a page so navigate to it and
      become a fan! You can find it here: (Link: http://www.facebook.com/PCGen)http://www.facebook.com/PCGen
      [19:10] *** BlackBook has quit IRC: Client Quit
      [19:10] <@AndrewAAM> Already have :)
      [19:11] <[PR]Maredudd> Unless Paul has done a Licensing Review since the last meeting there has been
      no movement there either, though the only source that needs one right now is NEWSOURCE-23 which has
      been assigned to me and I'll get it done this week.
      [19:11] <[PR]Maredudd> Paul, do you have anything to add?
      [19:12] <[PR]Maredudd> Any questions?
      [19:12] <@AndrewAAM> Yes
      [19:12] <[PR]Maredudd> Shoot!
      [19:12] <[OGL]Nylanfs> Nothing from me
      [19:12] <@AndrewAAM> Can I get a Review of NEWSOURCE-3
      [19:12] <@AndrewAAM> ?
      [19:13] <@AndrewAAM> That's the Eclipse source
      [19:13] <[PR]Maredudd> Paul? Can you handle NEWSOURCE-3?
      [19:13] <@AndrewAAM> It's fairly stable for the most part
      [19:13] <@AndrewAAM> I think it was sent straight to data review but no license review
      [19:13] <[OGL]Nylanfs> ?
      [19:14] <@AndrewAAM> oh, nvm
      [19:14] <@AndrewAAM> Paul did the review already.
      [19:14] <[OGL]Nylanfs> That's the one that is okay, but I believe needs pub review
      [19:14] <@AndrewAAM> Sorry, been a long day. I do have another item
      [19:14] <[PR]Maredudd> Fast work Paul! :-)
      [19:14] <[OGL]Nylanfs> mean 29?
      [19:14] <[PR]Maredudd> Shoot, again!
      [19:15] <@AndrewAAM> JT requested we approach Crafty Games for permission to include their stuff.
      [19:15] <@AndrewAAM> Just passing it along as I'm not sure if that's been done yet or not
      [19:15] <@AndrewAAM> I think he has a project and would like us to include it so his stuff will get
      support as well.
      [19:16] <@AndrewAAM> That's it from me. Thanks.
      [19:16] <[OGL]Nylanfs> Eddy and Eric have approached them every year since they changed their permission
      [19:16] <[OGL]Nylanfs> As of yet I believe they haven't changed their stance
      [19:16] <[PR]Maredudd> Paul is correct.
      [19:17] <[OGL]Nylanfs> Oh and I'm in the process of checking NEWSOURCE-29
      [19:17] <[PR]Maredudd> =Drew, do you know what stuff in particular JT is interested in?
      [19:18] <@AndrewAAM> I don't, but I can ask
      [19:18] <[PR]Maredudd> I seem to recall a note about Fantasy Craft . . .
      [19:18] <[OGL]Nylanfs> As a note, when moving a tracker to review either assign it to me or Eric. :)
      [19:19] <@AndrewAAM> I'll let you know when he replies...
      [19:19] <@AndrewAAM> Moving along
      [19:19] <@AndrewAAM> 5.16.3 - I noticed there were a couple of issues around dataset linking?
      Should we quietly rebuild and re-release the installers?
      [19:19] <@AndrewAAM> James - that's your arena, and we'd have to vote in poll
      [19:19] <@AndrewAAM> but of the three SB's present, what's the consensus?
      [19:19] <jamesd[Code_SB]> My view is that we should push out a 5.16.4 that fixes it
      [19:20] <jamesd[Code_SB]> but do a RC first so we can test it
      [19:20] <@AndrewAAM> so, 1 RC and then 5.16.4?
      [19:20] <@AndrewAAM> essentially two week cycle then?
      [19:20] <jamesd[Code_SB]> yep
      [19:21] <jamesd[Code_SB]> and no changes after RC :)
      [19:21] *** BPIJonathan has joined #pcgen
      [19:21] <@AndrewAAM> I can get behind that
      [19:21] <[PR]Maredudd> Hi Jonathan!
      [19:21] <@AndrewAAM> Hi JT :)
      [19:21] <@AndrewAAM> okay, I'll put up a poll
      [19:21] <@AndrewAAM> next item
      [19:21] <[PR]Maredudd> Sounds good to me!
      [19:21] <@AndrewAAM> 5.17.4 (Alpha) - Schedule?
      [19:21] <@AndrewAAM> James again
      [19:21] <@AndrewAAM> :)
      [19:22] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Well, it is still held up until we get the trunk bugs tidied up
      [19:22] <jamesd[Code_SB]> So still pending
      [19:23] <[PR]Maredudd> Do you have an idea for how many bugs there are that are holding it up?
      [19:23] <@AndrewAAM> wasn't it 4 or 5?
      [19:23] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Not to hand.
      [19:24] <jamesd[Code_SB]> The current list is longer but I think it would be best to triage them and
      focus on the ones that will really affect people
      [19:27] * jamesd[Code_SB] taps on screen - is this thing still on?
      [19:27] <@AndrewAAM> sorry
      [19:27] <[PR]Maredudd> Mine is . . . :-)
      [19:27] <jamesd[Code_SB]> :)
      [19:27] <@AndrewAAM> multitasking
      [19:27] <@AndrewAAM> okay, so no eta, lots of bugs and needing fixed!
      [19:27] <@AndrewAAM> I know the solution... More coders ;)
      [19:28] <@AndrewAAM> All right, next item
      [19:28] *** Swiftbrook has joined #pcgen
      [19:28] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Yep, more hands to the pumps
      [19:28] <@AndrewAAM> Now that we will be concentrating on the 6.0 line again, I'd like to
      investigate a mini roadmap to get the UI changes merged in with the rest of the core changes.
      Tom/James, is this feasible? My thinking is that we'll have users hitting the new UI with the
      alphas and giving us that valuable feedback nice and early. I'm also wary of a large and
      complicated merge and the end of the 2 separate development efforts.
      [19:28] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Hmm
      [19:28] <jamesd[Code_SB]> That one I think is a bit early
      [19:28] <@AndrewAAM> Looks like it's all you James [Mr popular]
      [19:29] <jamesd[Code_SB]> I appreciate Kar's concerns about the merge - it is definitely non trivial
      [19:29] <jamesd[Code_SB]> However the new UI doesn't do enough of the core tasks yet to be useable
      [19:30] <@AndrewAAM> so merging would be breaking the trunk then and making it impossible to use fully
      [19:30] <jamesd[Code_SB]> We did chat about a merge but agreed it should be once we have most of the
      main tasks implemented
      [19:30] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Yep
      [19:30] <@AndrewAAM> and our main UI guy seems to have gone on hiatus
      [19:30] <jamesd[Code_SB]> yes
      [19:30] <jamesd[Code_SB]> (as have I)
      [19:31] <@AndrewAAM> cute, I get a sleeping emoticon with that
      [19:31] <@AndrewAAM> I think the entire code team is practically on hiatus... :P
      [19:31] <jamesd[Code_SB]> So lets put that one down for disucssion in October
      [19:31] <@AndrewAAM> Okay, discuss in October
      [19:32] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Sadly, that has been the case these last couple of weeks
      [19:32] <@AndrewAAM> well, after the major 5.16 push, I suppose a break was needed
      [19:32] *** [Arch_SB]thpr has joined #pcgen
      [19:32] <@AndrewAAM> Tom just popped on
      [19:32] <@AndrewAAM> and there he is
      [19:32] <[Arch_SB]thpr> hey, sorry I'm late
      [19:32] <@AndrewAAM> Welcome back
      [19:33] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Hi Tom
      [19:33] <[PR]Maredudd> Hi Tom!
      [19:33] <@AndrewAAM> Tom, sent you the notes thus far
      [19:34] <[Arch_SB]thpr> thanks, and you can go on, I'll catch up
      [19:34] <@AndrewAAM> I'm figuring Arch team was not very active, but did you want to add anything?
      [19:34] *** Swiftbrook has quit IRC: Quit: Page closed
      [19:34] <[Arch_SB]thpr> nope, been pretty quiet on the arch side, and next focus will still be on
      the code side as a bug hunt
      [19:35] *** cpmeister has joined #pcgen
      [19:35] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Hi Connor
      [19:35] <cpmeister> hi James
      [19:35] <@AndrewAAM> Next item is Open Forum and a late Entry in the agenda "JCaubo> btw, can you
      put on the meeting agenda to talk about how awesome i am as a person?"
      [19:35] <@AndrewAAM> Hi Connor
      [19:35] <jamesd[Code_SB]> :)
      [19:35] <@AndrewAAM> Hey we have everyone that's been on hiatus...
      [19:35] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Awesome
      [19:36] <@AndrewAAM> does this mean code team is back in action?
      [19:36] <[PR]Maredudd> And I believe we have a quorum now . . . :-)
      [19:36] <@AndrewAAM> We do indeed.
      [19:37] <cpmeister> I make quorum? sweet
      [19:37] <[PR]Maredudd> Tom makes quorum . . . :-)
      [19:37] <@AndrewAAM> okay, Tom, 5.16.4 release? James has proposed a 5.16.4RC1 and then a 5.16.4
      production (short cycle of two weeks, all fixes, no changes after RC is created)
      [19:37] <[Arch_SB]thpr> sounds good to me
      [19:37] <[Arch_SB]thpr> (I've read what you sent)
      [19:37] <@AndrewAAM> Fast reader :)
      [19:38] <@AndrewAAM> okay, Eric already agreed. Unless anyone objects motion passes.
      [19:38] <jamesd[Code_SB]> We should do a quick discussion on exp about whether porting back the file
      name changes is a good idea
      [19:38] <[PR]Maredudd> The only catiot I have is that we bring Stefan into the loop.
      [19:38] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Agreed
      [19:39] <@AndrewAAM> If it's the standard then yeah. agreed.
      [19:39] <JCaubo> Sorry guys, I had a phone call :(
      [19:39] <@AndrewAAM> Well, you missed how awesome you were then.
      [19:40] <jamesd[Code_SB]> but really that question is only about what we include in the release not
      that we do it
      [19:40] <[PR]Maredudd> Right.
      [19:42] <@AndrewAAM> correct
      [19:42] <@AndrewAAM> Okay, any items for discussion outside the agenda?
      [19:44] <@AndrewAAM> arg, wrong button
      [19:44] <jamesd[Code_SB]> :)
      [19:45] <@AndrewAAM> problem with multiple tab windows, they shrink with each new window :(
      [19:45] <[PR]Maredudd> I have a quick item.
      [19:45] <@AndrewAAM> okay, so no new discussions?
      [19:45] <@AndrewAAM> Eric - go ahead
      [19:46] <[PR]Maredudd> Just giving you guys a heads up that I still have a bundle of T-Shirts from
      GenCon 2008 and am getting things organized again to sell them as a fund raiser for PCGen.
      [19:46] <@AndrewAAM> nice
      [19:47] <[OGL]Nylanfs> Got a few compliments on mine at GenCon this year :)
      [19:47] <[PR]Maredudd> Cool.
      [19:47] <@AndrewAAM> Oh, I've got a general question for Eric. As a Community outreach.....
      [19:47] <[PR]Maredudd> Maybe we can raid enough money to make Gen Con 2011 a reality for PCGen again.
      [19:47] <[PR]Maredudd> Go Drew!
      [19:47] <JCaubo> After Andrew, I have a general question as well :)
      [19:48] <[PR]Maredudd> (raid vs raise . . . hehehe)
      [19:48] <@AndrewAAM> What do people think of a few of us doing a few Online Games with our users?
      Something that we put on once a month or so? Just an oddball Idea
      [19:48] <@AndrewAAM> We have a cool program and have plenty of GMs among us, so making premades for
      characters wouldn't be hard... *wink*
      [19:49] <jamesd[Code_SB]> :)
      [19:49] <[PR]Maredudd> Not sure that is a question for me but if it can be pulled off, in a way that
      briought attention to us, that would be good.
      [19:49] <@AndrewAAM> just food for thought for community involvement... shucks, make it for beta
      testing, and get real user feed back on the sheets
      [19:49] <jamesd[Code_SB]> I suspect my time zone would make it awkward but I like the idea
      [19:50] <@AndrewAAM> we have users in Italy, and Australia
      [19:50] <@AndrewAAM> I'm sure your timezone would not be an issue James :)
      [19:50] <JCaubo> What would you use for the map so everyone could see their units? Also, would you
      be using some program like Vent for chat? o.O
      [19:50] <[OGL]Nylanfs> Japan
      [19:50] <[OGL]Nylanfs> Singapore, Afghanistan
      [19:50] <[OGL]Nylanfs> :)
      [19:50] <@AndrewAAM> We have a nice set up/relationship with maptools
      [19:51] <@AndrewAAM> and vent is a nice free program I've used in the past
      [19:51] <JCaubo> Hmm, never heard of it. I will investigate this maptools :)
      [19:52] <@AndrewAAM> We make PDFs, email it to the people who respond, use Maptools and some easy
      tokens, and ventrilo for chat, and I think it'd be cool
      [19:52] <JCaubo> I think it sounds like a good idea.
      [19:52] <@AndrewAAM> So, Eric, how do you feel about the idea?
      [19:52] <@AndrewAAM> PR is your area, is this something you think we should do?
      [19:53] <[PR]Maredudd> I think the idea has lots of merit though I'm not sure how much penetration
      we'll get into the overall RPG community.
      [19:54] <@AndrewAAM> well, advert on Maptools (We'll be using their program), and wherever you
      normally announce things, and see if we get some responses
      [19:54] <cpmeister> lets hope there are some really good GMs among us :)
      [19:54] <[PR]Maredudd> Where do we draw the player from? How do we set it up for maximum publicity?
      [19:54] <@AndrewAAM> Well, mainly our lists would be best for community
      [19:54] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Lets start with just a small group for fun, then go on to publicity stuff
      [19:55] <@AndrewAAM> Start small and expand out
      [19:55] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Yep
      [19:55] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Get it running smoothly first
      [19:55] <@AndrewAAM> good idea James
      [19:55] <[PR]Maredudd> Right James. Start out small and for fun. Is there a way to record the
      sessions? Is that practicle with the tools your thinking of Drew?
      [19:56] <@AndrewAAM> Yeah, I think recording is possible
      [19:56] <@AndrewAAM> haven't done it before
      [19:56] <@AndrewAAM> I could inquire with the maptools folks if there is an easy way to record things
      [19:56] <[PR]Maredudd> Well, lets see how it works then. And if we can record it, lets do that as well.
      [19:57] <JCaubo> I'm pretty sure that you could record the vent convos as well as video capture
      things that go on maptools
      [19:57] <JCaubo> I mean, how else do we all know about Leeroy Jenkins? :)
      [19:57] <@AndrewAAM> okay, let's shoot for October or November for getting something official then
      [19:58] <cpmeister> damn, this is getting my hyped up :)
      [19:58] <[PR]Maredudd> Put together a plan Drew and we'll see where it goes!
      [19:58] <@AndrewAAM> okay. I'm devious though... I think by then APG will be ready for some good
      testing and public review ;)
      [19:59] <[PR]Maredudd> I'm right there with you!
      [19:59] <@AndrewAAM> Probably want three GMs though. Limit Size to 7 Players and one GM (if you use
      Vent for Voice)
      [19:59] <@AndrewAAM> Someone else had something they wanted to bring up?
      [19:59] <[PR]Maredudd> If thats all with that topic I have one more quick question.
      [20:00] <JCaubo> So I have a question, and I apologize if this has been brought up before (I'm still
      a noob monkey around these parts)
      [20:00] <[PR]Maredudd> I defer to JCaubo.
      [20:00] <JCaubo> Mare, go first!
      [20:00] <JCaubo> lol
      [20:00] <[PR]Maredudd> He asked first.
      [20:00] <JCaubo> Thank you!
      [20:01] <JCaubo> I was wondering if it's been discussed to move away from the Yahoo! groups and set
      up a forum area on our website
      [20:01] <[PR]Maredudd> Drew, thats yours! :-)
      [20:01] <@AndrewAAM> In answer - Yes.
      [20:01] <JCaubo> Because I feel as if the Yahoo groups are a bit...antiquated and hard to follow
      [20:02] <JCaubo> And with the 3 different groups, things are a bit decentralized for being looking
      for info
      [20:02] <@AndrewAAM> The problem is our Forum solution needs to suit our users - which means folks
      like me that prefer email still can post and recieve emails, and folks like Tom (for example) can
      follow the forum and copy links directly.
      [20:03] <@AndrewAAM> The groups are grouped by items
      [20:03] <@AndrewAAM> PCGen is general items and bug reports
      [20:03] <BPIJonathan> I actually still prefer mailng lists over forums. I tend to forget about
      logging into forums and mailing lists are right in my face all the time. I know I am probably in the
      minority, but still if there was a way to combine the two then I would go for that.
      [20:03] <@AndrewAAM> List File Help is for LST coding
      [20:03] <@AndrewAAM> etc.
      [20:04] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Time for me to goo sorry, bye everyone
      [20:04] <[PR]Maredudd> cya James!
      [20:04] <@AndrewAAM> Night James
      [20:04] <[OGL]Nylanfs> Night James
      [20:05] <cpmeister> later James
      [20:05] <JCaubo> I just feel it would be easier to have it all in the forums instead of going to 3
      separate websites looking for information about topics
      [20:05] *** jamesd[Code_SB] has left #pcgen
      [20:05] <JCaubo> Later James!
      [20:06] <JCaubo> I just feel that the Yahoo groups aren't that concise and feel that we could
      benefit from having forums that are easier to navigate to & thru by users
      [20:06] <@AndrewAAM> I don't do forums, to much time spent navigating IMO
      [20:07] <[OGL]Nylanfs> The main issue is the mail plugin
      [20:07] <@AndrewAAM> anyways, the solution is a Forum with Mailing List capability
      [20:07] <@AndrewAAM> we just need a Stable, Mature Product that offers a secure and updated solution
      that meets or exceeds our existing needs
      [20:08] <@AndrewAAM> and unfortunately the free offerings are not mature or stable
      [20:08] <JCaubo> I know that vBulletin is a forum but still has the same options for emailing as
      having a Mailing List
      [20:08] <@AndrewAAM> and the Comercial Offerings aren't exactly kept up to the latest versions which
      means the Web Master isn't comfortable with an unpatched version.
      [20:09] <[OGL]Nylanfs> You can get emailed when a post is made to a thread you are watching, but you
      don't get all the threads
      [20:09] <@AndrewAAM> yeah, we need a hassle free solution.
      [20:10] <@AndrewAAM> Anyways, JCaubo is awesome and unless anyone else has anything to add, I'm
      thinking this a wrap.
      [20:10] <[PR]Maredudd> I have a question.
      [20:10] <@AndrewAAM> Yes?
      [20:10] <[PR]Maredudd> What RPG related podcasts do you folks listen to?
      [20:11] <[PR]Maredudd> Anyone besides me listen to RPG related podcasts?
      [20:11] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I do not listen to any
      [20:11] <@AndrewAAM> I haven't in a long time
      [20:11] <cpmeister> I don't listen to pod casts, they arn't really my thing
      [20:11] <JCaubo> I listen to the ones that WotC puts out
      [20:11] <@AndrewAAM> why, any good ones?
      [20:12] <[OGL]Nylanfs> I used to listen to Mortality, but not for a while
      [20:12] <[OGL]Nylanfs> not sure if they are still active
      [20:12] <JCaubo> I especially like the sessions of Gabe & Tycho from Penny Arcade
      [20:13] <[PR]Maredudd> There are a few that I listen to, and some that were good but that went the
      way of the dodo bird . . .
      [20:13] <[OGL]Nylanfs> BTW, cleared NEWSOURCE-29
      [20:13] <[PR]Maredudd> Well, I'll post this same question on the main list. Want to see where I
      might pay some PR attention for PCGen . . .
      [20:14] <[PR]Maredudd> Thats all I had.
      [20:14] <JCaubo> (Link:
      [20:14] <JCaubo> Those are funny :)
      [20:15] <@AndrewAAM> okay, that seems to be it for tonight
      [20:15] <@AndrewAAM> Thanks for coming everyone, *Bangs Gavel* good night.

      Andrew Maitland (LegacyKing)
      Admin Silverback - PCGen Board of Directors
      Data Chimp, Docs Tamarin
      Unique Title "Quick-Silverback Tracker Monkey"
      Unique Title "The Torturer of PCGen"

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