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Re: [pcgen] [pathfinder] [Trackered] Amulet of Natural Armor vs. Draconic Bloodline

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Hi, Incorrect TYPE usage with Natural Armor I ve found the proper solution, just need to get the Silverback approval to
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 5, 2010
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      Incorrect TYPE usage with Natural Armor <http://jira.pcgen.org/browse/DATA-77>

      I've found the proper solution, just need to get the Silverback approval to put it in.

      For the folks following at home, the simple solution is to take any of the 'TYPE=NaturalArmor.REPLACE'
      (i.e. the ones supposed to be 'Enhancement Bonuses' and simply change it to

      PCGen already supports this, the bonus will be included under the Natural Armor on the OS sheets.
      Better yet, the Type Break Down should show your Base NaturalArmor & NaturalArmorEnhancement.

      On 8/5/2010 9:45 AM, Andrew Maitland wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Okay, let me take back my last statement. I just reviewed the Docs, and how it's coded IS how it's
      > working. Which means we need to change the method of approach.
      > On 8/5/2010 9:21 AM, Andrew Maitland wrote:
      >> Hi,
      >> I've reviewed the code, and _it_ *should* work correctly.
      >> I'm building the updated 5.16 to test it now.
      >> On 8/5/2010 8:13 AM, Ainvar G wrote:
      >>> I believe it is a "natural armor" bonus rather than an enhancement to natural
      >>> armor, but that's just semantics; my understanding is that item's bonus is it
      >>> supposed to stack with a creature's "natural" natural armor -- so you could hang
      >>> it on your animal companion and he would gain its full protection, for example.
      >>> So I believe it should do the same for the sorcerer.
      >>> I'm saying that off the top of my head, of course. But it makes me wonder if
      >>> there's something in the granted natural armor for the sorcerer that's a wee bit
      >>> off. I will take a look later if someone does not beat me to it. The way my
      >>> days are, that's not an unlikely scenario, unfortunately.
      >>> AinvarG
      >>> ________________________________
      >>> From: Saxum Caribetum<saxum.caribetum@...>
      >>> To: pcgen@yahoogroups.com
      >>> Sent: Thu, August 5, 2010 4:46:20 AM
      >>> Subject: [pcgen] [pathfinder] Amulet of Natural Armor vs. Draconic Bloodline
      >>> having problems with Natural Armor bonuses, Pathfinder, PCGen 5.16.3...
      >>> an Amulet of Natural Armor grants a +n Enhancement bomus to Natural Armor.
      >>> a Sorcerer with the Draconic Bloodline, from 3rd level on, gains a +1
      >>> (or more) unspecified bonus to Natural Armor.
      >>> As I read that, the bonuses should stack, as the unnamed bonus is
      >>> different from the enhancement bonus from the amulet... however PCGen
      >>> thinks they do not stack.
      >>> Is this a bug in PCGen, or a mis-reading?

      Andrew Maitland (LegacyKing)
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