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Re: [pcgen] [trackered] PCG relative file path to companion

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Hi, PCG relative file path to companion Single bug report for now, I m going to let the James take a look and see how
    Message 1 of 2 , May 28, 2010

      PCG relative file path to companion

      Single bug report for now, I'm going to let the James take a look and
      see how many different issues this encompasses.

      On 5/27/2010 3:35 PM, Saxum Caribetum wrote:
      > I have hit a tiresome problem with the relative file-path handling:
      > I have this Shadow Dancer that I've been blathering about. She and her
      > mistress live in a Folder "Chars".
      > Other characters, sent to me (as DM) by the head-of-family of the
      > players, I place in a sub-folder, "Chars\HoF"
      > So ... I had been working on more than one PC, in the sequence:
      > Chars\Dancer.pcg
      > Chars\Umbra.pcg
      > Chars\HoF\Ranger.pcg
      > having been out of PCGen and back in, I reloaded the Shadow Dancer for
      > the*Recent File List*, and then tried to open the Shadow from her
      > Inventory, Resources, Load button.
      > I got an error claiming the file had moved - close inspection of the
      > (rather long) absolute path, showed that PCGen had applied the last File
      > Open path to the relative path, not the path to the (recent files
      > opened) Dancer.... It was looking for
      > Chars\HoF\Shadow.pcg
      > not
      > Chars\Shadow.pcg
      > Actually it was worse than that... I'm not actually sure HOW it got so,
      > but Dancer.pcg had been saved with the absolute path to the Shadow.pcg file:
      > C:\Users\Neil\Documents\Games\Chars\umbra.pcg
      > and the absolute path which was failing was:
      > C:\Users\Neil\Documents\Games\Chars\C:\Users\Neil\Documents\Games\Chars\HoF\umbra.pcg
      > so 2 bugs
      > 1. PCGen is mis-handling relative path filenames - which should be
      > based on the path to the parent file, but are using the
      > last-browsed File Open Dialog path
      > 2. PCGen is not recognising absolute pathnames and using the actual
      > pathname as stored.
      > I have a suspicion that PCGen writes an absolute path if the path is
      > anything other than .\thing (which curiously PCGen writes as "\thing"
      > not ".\thing"), and that PCGen does not handle eg "..\thing" or
      > "..\images\picture.jpg".
      > A small thing, perhaps, but not handling relative filenames*well* means
      > it is hard to perform simple house-keeping like moving folders or
      > renaming them.
      > (At work we follow a simple rule:
      > * use relative paths, including .. and sub-folders if the path to
      > the linked file is on the same drive as the linking file
      > * don't use more than 3 ..'s (..\..\..)
      > (prevents sillies such as when everything is on C:, but one file
      > is in Documents And Settings, and one is in a normal random
      > folder, which you could reach as ..\..\..\..\..\Documents and
      > Settings\neil\My Documents\thing)
      > * otherwise write the absolute pathname
      > * while in memory, all filenames are stored as absolute paths, and
      > are relativised when a file containing a pathname is written to disk.
      > * if you save a linked file to a new destination, change the
      > absolute linked name to link to it, so saving the parent saves the
      > right (freshly relativised) link, no matter where you then save
      > the parent.
      > )

      Andrew Maitland (LegacyKing)
      PCGen Board of Directors, Admin Silverback
      Data Chimp, Docs Tamarin
      Unique Title "Quick-Silverback Tracker Monkey"

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