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PCGen BoD Log for 2/1/2010

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  • Andrew Maitland
    [17:00] I have 5pm (PST) [17:00] and we are lacking a quorum again [17:00] I have 8 EST [17:00] ***
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2010
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      [17:00] <@[Admin]Andrew> I have 5pm (PST)
      [17:00] <@[Admin]Andrew> and we are lacking a quorum again
      [17:00] <[OGL]Nylanfs> I have 8 EST
      [17:00] *** [Chimp]Eddy has joined #pcgen
      [17:00] <@[Admin]Andrew> Hi Eddy
      [17:00] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I will be stepping away at 8:15 EST and back
      about 8:30
      [17:01] <[Chimp]Eddy> Hi Drew
      [17:01] <[Arch_SB]thpr> give or take a few minutes on each side
      [17:02] <@[Admin]Andrew> Okay
      [17:02] <jamesd[Code_SB]> Hi Everyone
      [17:02] <@[Admin]Andrew> I count three of five SBs
      [17:03] *** jamesd[Code_SB] is now known as [Code_SB]jamesd
      [17:03] <[Arch_SB]thpr> Tir and who else?
      [17:03] <@[Admin]Andrew> Eric
      [17:03] <[Arch_SB]thpr> no need to conform James
      [17:03] <[Code_SB]jamesd> baaa
      [17:03] <[Code_SB]jamesd> :)
      [17:03] <[Arch_SB]thpr> you're practically upside down there in
      Australia anyway ;)
      [17:04] <@[Admin]Andrew> Alright, well shall we have a go at the meeting
      [17:04] <[Arch_SB]thpr> Is 3 quorum?
      [17:04] <@[Admin]Andrew> Nope, so we can't make any decisions
      [17:04] <[Arch_SB]thpr> We can still do updates I guess
      [17:05] <[Code_SB]jamesd> That'll be quick!
      [17:05] <@[Admin]Andrew> Yes, it will
      [17:05] <@[Admin]Andrew> Tom, since you have to step away, how bout a
      Team report from Arch?
      [17:06] <[Arch_SB]thpr> ok, I've been looking to the main issue we have
      in the core, which is the Ability loop
      [17:06] <[Arch_SB]thpr> and been reacquainting myself with the
      challenges therer
      [17:06] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I've asked Andrew to build up a test character
      that exercises some of the more subtle features of the Ability Worker loop
      [17:06] <[Arch_SB]thpr> That way as I make changes it is more likely to
      detect if things go wrong
      [17:07] <@[Admin]Andrew> (I've added both the tests and character to the
      [17:07] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I've taken a few swipes at doing this in small
      steps, but I think I'll have to cutover on that method
      [17:08] <[Arch_SB]thpr> it's just too big of a conceptual step to do it
      in pieces (you end up with interim states that don't work)
      [17:08] <[Arch_SB]thpr> ok, thanks Andrew
      [17:09] <[Arch_SB]thpr> So now that I have that test, I'll make some
      progress against that loop, and see if I can get that swapped out to be
      push rather than pull
      [17:09] <[Arch_SB]thpr> that is the keystone to a lot of other changes
      (basically to all the other core changes for 6.0
      [17:10] <[Arch_SB]thpr> that's been the primary focus - I know James
      posted on the other topics in the domain of 6.0, but we haven't seen a
      lot of responses yet
      [17:10] <[Code_SB]jamesd> Sounds good Tom. I'd expected that one would
      have to be replaced wholesale rather than incrementally
      [17:11] <[Arch_SB]thpr> now that there is a test checked in, I'll bounce
      my local branch against that and see if I have any problems.
      [17:11] <[Arch_SB]thpr> There probably are more items we need to add to
      the test, however, as we haven't covered all cases yet
      [17:11] <[Code_SB]jamesd> The unit tests will catch some also
      [17:11] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I'll catch you on that at another point, Andrew
      [17:12] <@[Admin]Andrew> ok
      [17:12] <[Arch_SB]thpr> any other questions?
      [17:12] <@[Admin]Andrew> I have something though not a question
      [17:12] <[Code_SB]jamesd> None from me
      [17:13] <@[Admin]Andrew> This was brought up -
      by Tir on the list help group
      [17:13] <[OGL]Nylanfs> I'm kinda stoked to see the end results of
      essentially re-writing the core program :)
      [17:13] <@[Admin]Andrew> Since you've been tackling the choose rebuild,
      can you evaluate this too please.
      [17:13] <@[Admin]Andrew> That's it from me. Thanks.
      [17:14] <@[Admin]Andrew> Okay, James would you like to tackle Code?
      [17:14] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I'll read the tracker and comment at the end.
      AFK for about 10 min
      [17:14] <@[Admin]Andrew> Thanks Tom
      [17:15] <[Code_SB]jamesd> Sure
      [17:15] <[Code_SB]jamesd> Code has been very quiet over the past couple
      of weeks - only 1 check-in IIRC :(
      [17:16] <[Code_SB]jamesd> I've started encouraging people to get started
      back into 6.0, as I think once we get some momentum it will pick up
      fairly quickly
      [17:16] <[Code_SB]jamesd> A couple of people have responded and I'd hope
      we'll see a few more over the course of the week
      [17:17] <[Code_SB]jamesd> That's about all to report though - any questions?
      [17:17] <@[Admin]Andrew> Sounds promising. No questions here.
      [17:18] <@[Admin]Andrew> I'll assume none from Tom
      [17:18] <@[Admin]Andrew> Eddy, you and Tir have been very active, can
      you tackle the Content Report?
      [17:19] <[Chimp]Eddy> Don't really know anything outside of Pathfinder
      [17:20] <@[Admin]Andrew> ok
      [17:20] <[Chimp]Eddy> I should be done with default monster kit
      verification this week
      [17:20] <[Chimp]Eddy> we can do another OOC release then
      [17:20] <@[Admin]Andrew> Excellent
      [17:20] <[Code_SB]jamesd> Sounds great!
      [17:21] <[Code_SB]jamesd> Might be time for a new alpha release too then
      [17:21] <@[Admin]Andrew> Tir and I are working on another Source from
      Nitehawk Games
      [17:21] <@[Admin]Andrew> Otherwise as far as I know, Content is good
      [17:22] <@[Admin]Andrew> Admin report
      [17:22] <@[Admin]Andrew> Jira is seeing some use.
      [17:22] <@[Admin]Andrew> Otherwise Admin has been fairly quiet.
      [17:23] <@[Admin]Andrew> For PR - I think the only major event is GenCon
      [17:24] <@[Admin]Andrew> Okay, other agenda items -
      [17:24] <@[Admin]Andrew> 2.) 6.0 Project progress (LST Editor, UI
      Overhaul, CDOM continuation + any other major sub projects we have on
      the go)
      [17:24] <[OGL]Nylanfs> My wife and I are planning on going
      [17:24] <@[Admin]Andrew> That's excellent news
      [17:25] <@[Admin]Andrew> 3.) John has come back with his recommendations
      for changing the labels for various sort drop downs, I've given him some
      initial feedback and am waiting for a new version from him. Also his
      Summary screen makeover should be landing soon for discussion.
      [17:25] <@[Admin]Andrew> 4.) Test JIRA, please discuss if any changes
      are warranted, please encourage teams to use it :).
      [17:25] <@[Admin]Andrew> 5.) Discuss Gencon.
      [17:25] <@[Admin]Andrew> 6.) Other business
      [17:25] <@[Admin]Andrew> Since Tom is away for a few more minutes, I'd
      like to hold off #2..
      [17:26] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I'm back
      [17:26] <@[Admin]Andrew> I don't know anything about #3
      [17:26] <@[Admin]Andrew> Okay, well since Tom is back, James and Tom
      anything you'd like to mention about those projects for 6.0?
      [17:27] <[Arch_SB]thpr> This is probably the appropriate point to
      mention the Tracker you brought up earlier, since it relates to 6.0
      [17:27] <[Arch_SB]thpr> That tracker is dependent upon breaking one of
      the current code behaviors, which is that abilities are cloned
      [17:27] <[Arch_SB]thpr> I need to break the ability worker loop to stop
      cloning abilities
      [17:28] <[Arch_SB]thpr> so I do expect to get to that tracker in 6.0,
      but like almost everything else in the core, the keystone is the ability
      worker loop
      [17:28] <[Arch_SB]thpr> On the LST Editor, I think we'll have to check
      on responses to James' post on _developers
      [17:28] <[Arch_SB]thpr> to see how that may be going (I haven't seen a
      checkin in a while on that)
      [17:29] *** TirGwaith has joined #pcgen
      [17:29] <[Arch_SB]thpr> and the UI overhaul, Kar seems to be doing a bit
      of project management on that. I've never been tightly connected to the
      UI work
      [17:30] <[Arch_SB]thpr> that's it from me on #2
      [17:31] <@[Admin]Andrew> Thanks Tom. Hi Tir. James anything to add to #2?
      [17:32] <[Code_SB]jamesd> Just that I'll be looking at the
      summary/basics page in the CDOM-UI branch
      [17:33] <[Code_SB]jamesd> and am looking forward to seeing the
      recommendations. The discussion so far on the wiki has been quite useful
      [17:33] <@[Admin]Andrew> The Screenshots have been most helpful to me to
      see the progress.
      [17:33] <[Code_SB]jamesd> Good to hear
      [17:34] <TirGwaith> the sample screenshots look loads better than current.
      [17:34] <[Code_SB]jamesd> I think I'll set up CI for the CDOM-UI branch
      too, now that we have the capability
      [17:36] <@[Admin]Andrew> Sounds good. Tir Emailed you the discussion
      thus far to catch you up.
      [17:36] <TirGwaith> K, thanks
      [17:37] <@[Admin]Andrew> Anything else on the CDOM projects?
      [17:38] <TirGwaith> Looks good. Sounds like things will pick up
      [17:38] <[Code_SB]jamesd> Nothing to add there
      [17:39] <@[Admin]Andrew> Cool. Without Eric here, I'm not sure we have
      anything to add for the GenCon discussion at this point
      [17:39] *** test3310922 has joined #pcgen
      [17:40] <[OGL]Nylanfs> Well I'l lbe there
      [17:40] <@[Admin]Andrew> Does anyone have any comments or suggestions
      for the JIRA at this point?
      [17:40] <[OGL]Nylanfs> Although I would REALLY like to get some other
      volunteer's because I might have some friends going for the first time
      [17:40] <TirGwaith> I'm not sure how to use all of JIRA.
      [17:40] <[Code_SB]jamesd> Seems to work well so far Andrew.
      [17:40] <TirGwaith> The trackers ask for versions broken and versions
      [17:41] <TirGwaith> which seems really weird at the openning of a bug
      [17:41] <[Code_SB]jamesd> the fixed is more of a scheduled thing
      [17:41] <[Code_SB]jamesd> That drives the roadmap and you should be able
      to select unscheduled or something similar
      [17:41] <@[Admin]Andrew> The only thing I'd like to add, is the email
      notification - I looked at it, but am not sure if I should use our
      current mailing list, or set one up
      [17:41] <TirGwaith> I'm not sure how we are using all the fields, so
      some sort of primer / help for the different fields (and what they mean
      to us) would be helpful
      [17:42] <[Code_SB]jamesd> OK, that's a good suggestion Tir. Maybe a
      primer page on the wiki?
      [17:42] <[Code_SB]jamesd> @Andrew If I can get a chance I'll see about
      setting it up
      [17:42] <TirGwaith> Mostly, I want to make sure I'm filling stuff out
      right to make things easy on those doing releases
      [17:44] <TirGwaith> wiki page is probably the way to go on that.
      [17:45] <@[Admin]Andrew> okay, so primer page on the wiki and a proper
      notification list for any JIRA tracker changes
      [17:45] <TirGwaith> Definitely need to mention putting the reference
      name (like DATA-#) in commits.
      [17:45] <TirGwaith> It takes about an hour for them to hit the trackers,
      but nice to not have to add a comment when making commit
      [17:46] <TirGwaith> well, comment in the tracker
      [17:47] <[Code_SB]jamesd> Agreed
      [17:48] <@[Admin]Andrew> Any open business?
      [17:49] <TirGwaith> quick comments.
      [17:49] <@[Admin]Andrew> Go ahead Tir
      [17:49] <[Chimp]Eddy> I was wondering if I could get the code guys to
      look at a post I just bumped at _experimental?
      [17:49] <TirGwaith> Gaslight is in review (well, on my plate)
      [17:49] <@[Admin]Andrew> Was that the CHOOSE:ABILITY one?
      [17:49] <TirGwaith> Shadmar has some fixes I'll have done this week, and
      then just waiting on NIG for approval
      [17:50] <[Chimp]Eddy> mine was about SPELLLEVEL:CLASS
      [17:50] <TirGwaith> We're starting to get Code FReqs from the Data team...
      [17:50] <[Code_SB]jamesd> I had a quick look but didn't have much to add
      sorry Eddy
      [17:50] <TirGwaith> I'll try to do some prioritization over the next
      week or to to bring to the BoD for discussion on possible inclusion in
      6.0 roadmap
      [17:51] <[OGL]Nylanfs> Eric doing the license review o nthat Tir?
      [17:51] <[Code_SB]jamesd> Please don't expect too much - I think we will
      be best served by getting the CDOM work over and done with.
      [17:51] <[Arch_SB]thpr> Can you tracker with as a bug and put in an
      example Eddy? Based on what you're describing, it looks like a problem
      [17:51] *** Papa-DRB has joined #pcgen
      [17:51] <[Chimp]Eddy> Can do
      [17:52] <[Arch_SB]thpr> thx
      [17:52] <TirGwaith> Nylanfs: At this point, Gaslight is still needing
      Data love, not ready for OGL/PR review
      [17:52] <[Chimp]Eddy> Are we tracking code bugs with both systems?
      [17:52] <TirGwaith> Andrew did it with a moving target...
      [17:53] <TirGwaith> I thought we were tracking everything using both
      [17:53] <@[Admin]Andrew> Yes, we are using JIRA to give it a good
      thrashing before going to prime time
      [17:54] <[Chimp]Eddy> Tir, once Bestiary is in the bag I can put some
      time in Gaslight, I started that project oh so long ago. I just want to
      keep focused on one thing at a time.
      [17:54] <TirGwaith> Ok, good. I wasn't going to bug you until Beastiary
      was done.
      [17:54] <TirGwaith> I see you are on the homestretch there
      [17:55] <TirGwaith> :)
      [17:55] <[Chimp]Eddy> Yup :-)
      [17:56] <@[Admin]Andrew> Okay, homestretch for the Meeting...
      [17:56] <@[Admin]Andrew> Anyone else have any business for the BoD?
      [17:56] <@[Admin]Andrew> (Open Forum for everyone)
      [17:57] <[Code_SB]jamesd> I've just found we can connect here via the
      web, http://webchat.freenode.net/
      [17:57] <[Code_SB]jamesd> Could be useful to add that to future meeting
      [17:57] <@[Admin]Andrew> nice
      [17:57] <@[Admin]Andrew> be handy if I'm running late
      [17:57] *** test3310922 has left #pcgen
      [17:58] <[Code_SB]jamesd> No history though, but it is a simple way to
      get involved
      [17:58] <[OGL]Nylanfs> Cool, plus can be used for people that don't have
      an IRC prog
      [18:00] <[Code_SB]jamesd> Yep
      [18:00] <@[Admin]Andrew> I don't have anything else. Anyone have
      anything else?
      [18:00] <TirGwaith> Ok, guys. My time is limited. (only 2 weeks to go
      till I get my life back)
      [18:01] <@[Admin]Andrew> Yay to getting your life back.
      [18:01] <[Code_SB]jamesd> Nothing else from me
      [18:01] <[Arch_SB]thpr> not from me
      [18:02] <TirGwaith> None here.
      [18:02] <@[Admin]Andrew> David?
      [18:02] <@[Admin]Andrew> ThunderChicken?
      [18:02] <TirGwaith> His status is Away
      [18:03] <@[Admin]Andrew> okay, well... I think that concludes the
      meeting. Thanks for coming *Bangs Gavel*


      Andrew Maitland (LegacyKing)
      Admin Silverback, PCGen Board of Directors
      Data Chimp, Docs Tamarin
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