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BoD Log - Non-Quorum - 10/26/09

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  • Andrew Maitland
    This was a casual meeting where we discussed whatever happened across our minds, and other things we just needed to talk. Enjoy. [19:00] Business
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      This was a casual meeting where we discussed whatever happened across
      our minds, and other things we just needed to talk. Enjoy.

      [19:00] <[Admin]Drew> Business tonight is general chit chat, a catching
      up of what we've been doing and open forum.
      [19:01] <[Admin]Drew> Eddy, would you like to do the honors?
      [19:01] <[Chair]Eddy> Well this is unofficial without a quorum
      [19:02] <[Admin]Drew> Of course, but it's a meeting without being official
      [19:02] <[Chair]Eddy> so *bang* it's unofficially begun!
      [19:02] <TirGwaith> Heh
      [19:02] <[Admin]Drew> And I know Anestis and myself have plenty to
      discuss even if nothing will be done tonight
      [19:03] <[Chair]Eddy> so go ahead and start, what's the first topic?
      [19:03] <[Admin]Drew> First topic - since I have Anestis, is about our
      [19:04] <[Admin]Drew> Anestis has set up the vps to 'impersonate'
      pcgen.org so we can try and get emails for our PR Silverback
      [19:04] <[Admin]Drew> Since pcgen.org isn't on the vps, it's being more
      difficult than setting up a regular relay
      [19:04] <[Admin]Drew> Anestis - would you like to cover your stuff?
      [19:05] <[Admin]Drew> (I've got plent with OS, and misc stuff to fill
      Eddy's time... ;) )
      [19:05] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> Sure. The issue lies with the way the DNS
      Zone for the domain is setup. THe website is pointing to the current
      hosting provider, and I've set the DNS Zone sot hat e-mails should work
      through the VPS
      [19:05] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> Unfortunately, for some reason I can't
      determine, it isn't working
      [19:06] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> So, what I am thinking of doing is changing
      the way the pcgen.org domain works, so that the domain points to the
      VPS. This will mean I can control the DNS Zone directly and set
      everything up properly.
      [19:07] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> I can then point the www to the website, and
      have the mail sitting on the VPS and everything will then work properly
      [19:07] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> Which means, we will have e-mail through the VPS
      [19:07] <[Admin]Drew> Yay!
      [19:07] <[Admin]Drew> Eric will be very happy
      [19:07] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> Also, I plan on "duplicating" the pcgen
      website to the pcgen-test.org domain so that we can test new features
      [19:08] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> At some point, very soon, I'd like to
      transfer the domain to my account so we have the billing all in one
      place, VPS and domains. Eventually, once we get eveyrthing organised,
      we can then move the website across
      [19:09] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> I'll also start looking at revamping the
      website for pcgen.org soon as well
      [19:09] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> Any questions?
      [19:10] <[Admin]Drew> No, that sounds excellent...
      [19:10] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> The only down side is that the website and
      wiki may be done for up to 24 hours, but we will inform everyone when it
      is about to hapen
      [19:10] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> hapen
      [19:10] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> happen even
      [19:10] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> That's about it from me
      [19:11] <[Admin]Drew> Thomas Cooper - He's the one who was going to do a
      joomla forum/email plugin... I'll be contacting him again to see where
      he is.
      [19:11] <TirGwaith> sounds good
      [19:11] <[Admin]Drew> However, we can get Joomla on the VPS and start
      messing with it there...
      [19:12] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> The hard part will be creating a template to
      make it PCGen-themed
      [19:12] <[Admin]Drew> My fallback is Steve West, one of our new coders,
      he has some Joomla experience... Though I hate to request a java coder
      who is fixing bugs or doing FREQs...
      [19:13] <[Admin]Drew> OS Work - with Tir's great assistance I'm happy
      to say a few FREQs and Bugs have been squashed.
      [19:13] <[Admin]Drew> I've also been adding a bunch of new OS blocks -
      Animal Tricks and a bunch for the Eclipse data set I'm making
      [19:14] <[Admin]Drew> We have a new OS FREQ for the animal tricks to
      display on the Master sheet for animal companions... (Need to make it)
      [19:14] <[Admin]Drew> It hinges on Code enabling the proper code... we
      have it listed as not enable in code currently
      [19:15] <TirGwaith> count() with / Familiar
      [19:15] <[Admin]Drew> Which is a great segway for Tir to do any report
      he wants. :)
      [19:15] <[Admin]Drew> Unless people have any questions for me...
      [19:15] <[Chair]Eddy> Why do animal tricks need a special block? Are
      they not just another special ability?
      [19:16] <[Admin]Drew> Yes, but it cleans up the display
      [19:16] <TirGwaith> LOL... Just that I need to read up on all the
      trackers, and get a good feel for what's in the pipe and what we have where
      [19:16] <[Admin]Drew> It keeps it distinct and separate from the Special
      Qualities and Attacks
      [19:16] <TirGwaith> I'd like Animal Tricks on the master's "Animal
      Companion" section, and something for mounts as well.
      [19:16] <TirGwaith> That's where the code is needed
      [19:17] <[Chair]Eddy> Ah, that's a neat idea
      [19:18] <[Admin]Drew> Yeah, it's doable but we need a little code work.
      [19:18] <TirGwaith> The other major thing I want to work on is more OS:
      getting the xslt sheets into more easily selected.
      [19:18] <[Chair]Eddy> Cool, I was just curious
      [19:18] <TirGwaith> A little code, and then we can set things up so one
      chooses color and sheet style
      [19:19] <[Admin]Drew> Yeah, that is the biggest thing OS side I'm
      pushing for
      [19:19] <TirGwaith> instead of having 6 versions of std and 6 versions
      of simple
      [19:19] <[Chair]Eddy> yeah, I'd like to see the sheets segregated by
      gameMode, currently you see them all
      [19:19] <TirGwaith> I intend to have a mock-up based on Temp bonus to
      show around Thanksgiving
      [19:20] <[Admin]Drew> Eddy - I'll email you a couple of mock up draft
      pdfs to show you.
      [19:21] <TirGwaith> The other bit is looking at the various html / txt
      sheets and seeing if we _really_ need them all, or if we can get some
      combos of the various features and have fewer sheets to update
      [19:22] <[Admin]Drew> amen to that
      [19:22] <TirGwaith> On the data side, PF Beastiary and cleaning up PF
      core are the priorities, and I haven't caught up with what else is going
      on. Other than my UA sets are coming along nicely with ability objects
      [19:22] <[Admin]Drew> If we could just have the pdf output to the
      character sheet as one option that would save a lot of effort in updates
      [19:23] <TirGwaith> Eddy: why are the preview sheets separate from the
      OS sheets?
      [19:23] <TirGwaith> is there a reason for the dir structure?
      [19:23] <[Chair]Eddy> That's how it was set up by Aaron when he made it
      [19:24] <[Admin]Drew> I squashed a few of the main outstanding bugs and
      FREQs in PF Core Book as well.
      [19:24] <[Chair]Eddy> I can see a reason for it, some of the sheets with
      complex javascript don't work in Preview
      [19:24] <TirGwaith> hm. ok.
      [19:25] <[Chair]Eddy> For the sake of simplicity I have made many of the
      stat blocks identical.
      [19:25] <TirGwaith> I saw some of those bugs, and was staying away since
      there was this nice post asking newbie LST monkeys to work on some of them.
      [19:25] <[Chair]Eddy> so when a change is made you only need to
      syncronize the two versions
      [19:26] <[Admin]Drew> Yeah, no one has contacted me about any of them... :(
      [19:26] <TirGwaith> I think we only really need 3.0 3.5, MM3 or whatever
      and PF versions of the statblocks
      [19:26] <[Chair]Eddy> I would not know which would be a candidate for
      removal, they each replicate a particualar format
      [19:26] <[Chair]Eddy> which one is which?
      [19:27] <TirGwaith> it would be nice if they said what they were trying
      to emulate, instead of 1-5
      [19:27] <[Admin]Drew> Is there any need to support the text only still?
      [19:27] <TirGwaith> and quite a few little layout errors.
      [19:27] <TirGwaith> The statblocks do come in handy for making
      encounters stuff...
      [19:28] <TirGwaith> AT some point, we need to relook at the statblocks
      from scratch, and possibly remake them with the new code from scratch,
      and get each statblock style done right (And labeled as such)
      [19:28] <[Chair]Eddy> Stat block 4 is the DMG II format and stat block 5
      is Paizo's block, very similar to the DMG II version
      [19:29] <TirGwaith> That's good to know. Can we document that somewhere?
      [19:29] <[Chair]Eddy> I don't know about 1-3 but 4 and 5 are about error
      [19:30] <[Admin]Drew> Yeah, Docs should have a spot
      [19:30] <TirGwaith> the 4a one had a number of little issues fixed from
      4, when I remember seeing them
      [19:31] <[Chair]Eddy> Yeah, 4a is the version Aaron created, it's got a
      lot of data dependent code in it.
      [19:31] <TirGwaith> in the html sheets, we can prob. put a comment in
      near the top
      [19:31] <[Admin]Drew> Or we could have their names in the GUI?
      [19:31] <[Admin]Drew> SB - DMG II
      [19:31] <[Admin]Drew> SB - Paizo
      [19:31] <[Admin]Drew> Etc.
      [19:32] <[Chair]Eddy> The docs do have a page detailing the specific
      sheets, but the stat blocks are not specifically detailed
      [19:32] <TirGwaith> Got to be careful when using trademarks
      [19:33] <[Admin]Drew> SB - Paizo's Style
      [19:33] <[Admin]Drew> SB - DMG II Style?
      [19:33] <[Chair]Eddy> looks like stat block 1 is the 3.0 monster manual
      [19:33] <TirGwaith> yeah, that's what it looked like to me.
      [19:34] <TirGwaith> And it has been around the longest, so that makes sense
      [19:34] <[Admin]Drew> Eddy - Any timeframe for 5.16.2?
      [19:34] <TirGwaith> I do think quite a bit of it can be refactored more
      cleanly with new code
      [19:34] <[Chair]Eddy> stat block 2 & 3 look very similar, they both look
      like the stat block style used in adventures where everything is one
      long run on sentence
      [19:35] <[Chair]Eddy> 5.16.2: currently gated by a couple of code bugs
      to be fixed. After that it's data's call as to when we are good with
      [19:35] <TirGwaith> I had a hard time reading them.. Maybe that was the
      [19:36] <[Chair]Eddy> LOL
      [19:36] <[Chair]Eddy> Yeah, never used that format
      [19:36] <TirGwaith> and without groking what they were supposed to do,
      hard to debug...
      [19:37] <[Chair]Eddy> When you say refactor the code, are you talking
      about the java code or the html?
      [19:37] <TirGwaith> I'm also tempted to stamp the OSs. PCGen version,
      creation date, and OS version....
      [19:38] <TirGwaith> the OS code - html and the various IIF loops
      [19:38] <[Admin]Drew> we should be doing that already, most of the pdfs
      and htm output have a pcgen version, date/ time
      [19:38] <[Admin]Drew> what we need to add is the Character/player name
      to each page... since they are hard to match up otherwise
      [19:38] <TirGwaith> Just not the OS version.
      [19:38] <[Admin]Drew> OS Version, you mean computer, version of the OS
      as designated by the monkey?
      [19:39] <TirGwaith> like SVN commit number
      [19:39] <[Admin]Drew> Ah
      [19:40] <[Chair]Eddy> the SVN keywords are already there
      [19:41] <[Admin]Drew> it'd be nice if pcgen knew what svn version it was
      built with... would make debuging easier for the coders
      [19:41] <TirGwaith> yep, I was just thinking of enhancing the "Created
      using PCGen 5.6.1 on Oct. 12th (or whatever)
      [19:41] <[Chair]Eddy> Yeah, all that stuff is already present in
      comments in the sheets
      [19:41] <TirGwaith> but not really easy to detect, and impossible on a
      PDF currently
      [19:41] <[Chair]Eddy> Ah, exporting the details, interesting
      [19:42] <[Admin]Drew> Created using PCGen 5.17.0 on Oct 26, 2009
      [19:42] <[Admin]Drew> That's the preview htm
      [19:42] <TirGwaith> Like "My X bonus isn't showing up on my character
      sheet, PCGen version blah, OS standard xlst version blah"
      [19:43] <TirGwaith> Helping some people (like Papa) made me think of how
      much that would be useful
      [19:43] <[Admin]Drew> Oct 26, 2009 6:29:00 PM CHARACTER:
      [19:44] <[Admin]Drew> heh, that got left in
      [19:44] <[Admin]Drew> I thought I had removed that..
      [19:48] <TirGwaith> Ok, any other business, or are we all going to
      compare various OS sheets on our own for a while?
      [19:49] <[Admin]Drew> hm, other business
      [19:49] <[Chair]Eddy> agreed
      [19:49] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> I'd really like to see something on the new GUI
      [19:50] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> mock-ups or anything really, so we know what
      direction we're going
      [19:50] <[Admin]Drew> Yeah, Code was saying they'd have something within
      a week or so
      [19:50] <TirGwaith> mockups are coming, according to previous logs
      [19:51] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> OK
      [19:52] <[Admin]Drew> Paul - You have anything you want to add or discuss?
      [19:53] <Thoth____> Not that I can think of at the moment.
      [19:53] <[Admin]Drew> ok
      [19:54] <[Admin]Drew> Let's see - we've covered OS, new layouts, web
      stuff... personal projects... priorities? Hm do we have anything that
      needs to be handled now/ASAP for the Data Team?
      [19:54] <TirGwaith> Not that I can think of
      [19:55] <[Admin]Drew> Oh we have a new lst monkey - Arjan... Just trying
      to prod him to commit his patch
      [19:55] <[Admin]Drew> Rodent of Unusual size is the other new monkey but
      I'm waiting to see something from him.
      [19:56] <[Admin]Drew> Tir, I'll likely be sending the new monkeys your
      direction since your the Content Second... :)
      [19:58] <[Admin]Drew> Anyone else have anything they want to discuss?
      [19:58] <[Web_2nd]Anestis> Not for me
      [19:59] <[Chair]Eddy> I'm good
      [20:00] <TirGwaith> Np, Drew
      [20:00] <[Admin]Drew> Yeah, I'll remember the rest after we all leave. :P
      [20:00] <TirGwaith> Prob.
      [20:00] <[Admin]Drew> Oh updated Tracker
      [20:00] <Thoth____> That's inevitably how it works.
      [20:01] <TirGwaith> Ok, I gotta get some sleep. Long day tomorrow
      [20:01] <TirGwaith> I'll be on tomorrow afternoon
      [20:01] <[Admin]Drew> Yeah, following the Code Team's request, whenever
      we tracker anything from the lists we now insert a subject/or link to
      the site, Submitter and Date
      [20:01] <[Admin]Drew> I'll be at work, but should be online as work permitts
      [20:02] <TirGwaith> understood. TTYL


      Andrew Maitland (LegacyKing)
      Admin Silverback, PCGen Board of Directors
      Data Chimp, Docs Tamarin
      Unique Title "Quick-Silverback Tracker Monkey"
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