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Re: [pcgen] [PF + Mac] Adding Ranger levels freezes my PCGen!?!

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  • Stefan Radermacher
    I have fixed this problem, and if you are adventurous enough and don t want to wait around for the next release, you can get a corrected file here:
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 21, 2009
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      I have fixed this problem, and if you are adventurous enough and don't want to
      wait around for the next release, you can get a corrected file here:


      Save that file as


      and copy it into your folder


      replacing the file of the same name there.


      On Monday 19 October 2009 00:37:00 peacecorpsbrian wrote:
      > Okay, I've got a Mac with the dual Intel chips running system 10.5.8. I
      > recently downloaded the latest PCGen and the Pathfinder data 3. I
      > installed PCGen (drag-and-drop), loaded the Pathfinder data from the zip,
      > exited PCGen, re-opened it, and switched to "The Pathfinder RPG" mode. SO
      > far so good (although it was kinda' slow).
      > I enter my character name, stats, etc., but when I get to adding class, I
      > try to add a level of Ranger and PCGen freezes on me. Not just once, but
      > dozens of times. I've repeated the install from the downloaded files,
      > from re-downloaded files, and in several new folders. Adding that level
      > of Ranger always freezes.
      > I upped the memory in the txt file to 1024 like the ReadMe suggested, and
      > then to 2048, to no effect.
      > I experimented and I can add levels of Adapt and Barbarian. It is
      > something specific to Ranger that's hanging me up. Unfortunately, I don't
      > play and Adept or a Barbarian; I play a Ranger.
      > NOTE: I pulled out my work laptop - a Mac running the same system - and had
      > the same problem.
      > Hopefully I'm doing something wrong because this seems like a pretty
      > serious issue if it's something with PCGen.
      > I would appreciate any help. Thanks!
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