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Re: [pcgen] Adding special bonuses and whatnot?

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  • Andrew Maitland
    Hi, The in-built lst editors are the only method to add these things on the fly . However, if you do the rolls before the character creation, it is relatively
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 23, 2009

      The in-built lst editors are the only method to add these things on the "fly". However, if you do the rolls before the character creation, it is relatively easy to add class skills and skill bonuses to the character in question. In fact if this is a common enough deal, you could even set up a special ability to do this for you.

      CSKILL:Skill one|Skill Two|Skill (Three)
      BONUS:SKILL|Skill One|4
      BONUS:SKILL|Skill Two,Skill (Three)|2

      Now, if you want to make that a one stop deal

      Make special Creation Ability
          TYPE:Character Creation
      (Verify syntax for the choose tag, I'm going by memory)

      What that allows you to do is choose three skills, or the same skill, and it will bonus the skill, and add it as a class skill, if it's not already a class skill. Change the select number to however many you want. Change the bonus to what you want.

      Hope that helps,


      From: leni_pocky <leni_pocky@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 11:55:44 PM
      Subject: [pcgen] Adding special bonuses and whatnot?

      I'm playing in a campaign where bonuses are basically handed out based on a few rolls during character  creation.  A friend of mine is a ranger, and because of this rolling, he has Diplomacy, Knowledge Nobility, Intimidate, and one other skill I can't remember set as additional class skills and starting with a rank bonus of 2, as well as a rank 4 of Knowledge Local as an additional bonus.  We were curious as to the easiest way to input these bonuses into PCGen, but I know nothing about coding and he knows even less than nothing (he's not exactly a computer person, or a numbers person for that matter, which is why I introduced him to PCGen, figured it'd be easier for him to only worry about the big picture and let PCGen do all the number crunching).  I played around with the list editor but didn't think I was having any sucess that way.  It's not a huge deal if there's no relatively easy way to do this (after printing the sheets, he just wrote the
      bonuses into the margins and scratched out the skills that were on the list already if they had a bonus as well), but I was curious about it.


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