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BoD log 8/31/09

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  • Eddy Anthony
    [Chair]Eddy: Greetings everyone, I have 10 pm, shall we begin? [Admin]Drew: Yes [Chair]Eddy: Kar has left no agenda for us so be thinking about what topics
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2009
      [Chair]Eddy: Greetings everyone, I have 10 pm, shall we begin?
      [Admin]Drew: Yes
      [Chair]Eddy: Kar has left no agenda for us so be thinking about what topics
      need to be addressed after the team reports.
      [Chair]Eddy: I'll begin
      irc: Thoth has joined pcgen
      [Chair]Eddy: Content Report:
      [Chair]Eddy: Docs
      [Chair]Eddy: Doc Bugs: 3 for 6.0 (4 total, +1 since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: Doc FREQs: 62 for 6.0 (63 total, unchanged since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: Output Sheets
      [Chair]Eddy: OS Bugs: 5 for 6.0 (12 total, unchanged since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: OS FREQs: 0 for 6.0 (36 total, unchanged since last meeting)
      irc: [Admin]Andrew has left pcgen
      [Chair]Eddy: Data
      [Chair]Eddy: Data Bugs: 6 for 6.0 (36 Total, +1 since last meeting)
      irc: [Code_SB]james has joined pcgen
      [Chair]Eddy: Data FREQs: 6 for 6.0 (115 Total, unchanged since last meeting)
      [Chair]Eddy: New Source Development: 3 for 6.0 (12 Total, +1 since last
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Do we have a tracker for the Pathfinder Core Rulebook?
      [Chair]Eddy: The Pathfinder team is just about ready to release the first
      draft of the final dataset
      [Code_SB]james: Yay!
      [Chair]Eddy: YEs Eric, just opened one
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: :-)
      [Chair]Eddy: Just need to hear from Stefan
      [Chair]Eddy: That's content, questions?
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Stefan posted early last week saying he was go for the Core
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I have a request
      [Arch_SB]thpr: Can you drop a note to Tir on unparsing
      [Chair]Eddy: OK, so is that a go to move ahead with the release?
      [Chair]Eddy: HI Tom, I did so yesterday, didn't hear back though
      [Arch_SB]thpr: k, thx
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Eddy, it will be the weekend before the Licensing review
      will be done so if we want to do a last roll call of the data team work OF
      we can.
      [Chair]Eddy: Great, maybe I can find some time to take a look myself
      [Admin]Drew: Yeah, I'm not thrilled with PRCs right now, those need a good
      [Admin]Drew: I got the basics in place but some have some interdependicies
      that need to be double checked
      [Admin]Drew: Dragon Disciple is the biggie
      [Chair]Eddy: We'll aim for within a week then, the sooner the better :-)
      [Chair]Eddy: Eric, can you go next?
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Yep
      [Chair]Eddy: You're up then
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Publisher Liaison Report: Paizo has confirmed that the
      Community Use Policy is good for us. This applies not only to the Core Rules
      and all other future Pathfinder releases, but also all of our past PF
      releases. I will set up Data Trackers to update the Licensing for the other
      Paizo sets.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Licensong Team Report: Our jands are full for the next week
      getting the new set reviewed. Other than that, there is nothing new.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Advertising Team Report: No Press Releases lately but that
      is going to change as we get the next releases out the door.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: UInless there are questions, thats it for me.
      BPIJonathan: AFAIK Gaslight is just waiting on us, would that be correct?
      [Admin]Drew: Jon - Eric is reviewing Gaslight now, but a final, final pdf
      would help double check everything... ;)
      [Chair]Eddy: Any other questions?
      BPIJonathan: Ok. We have an issue to fix rulewise, and then we will get it
      back to layout and and when thats done we will have it out to you.
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Right. Forgot that one. Gaslight is in review and will be
      done in a day or two. I will reserve final report inon it until the final
      set is complete
      [Admin]Drew: no further questions from me.
      [Chair]Eddy: Drew, can you go next?
      [Admin]Drew: Yes, certainly
      [Admin]Drew: Webteam:
      [Admin]Drew: Working on moving the pcgen-test.org domain to another host to
      redirect it to the new site. We don't want broken bookmarks
      [Admin]Drew: James and Anestis are working on JIRA
      [Admin]Drew: We have a Joomla test up and should be seeing some integration
      plugins soon
      [Admin]Drew: (Separate server for testing)
      [Admin]Drew: Any questions for Web?
      [Chair]Eddy: not here
      [Arch_SB]thpr: is there an outlook for how long redirection of
      pcgen-test.org will take?
      [OGL]Nylanfs: I'm betting Soon(TM) :)
      [Admin]Drew: Unfortunately no, I've yet to get a response from Kar on who
      set up the domain name
      [Admin]Drew: I'll try Paul Lambert in a day or two if I don't get word back
      [Chair]Eddy: remember Kar's on the road right now
      [Admin]Drew: Once we get the owner, then I can ask for the transfer which
      can take up to a week, based on the last transfer.
      [Admin]Drew: Any further questions?
      [Admin]Drew: okay, moving on...
      [Admin]Drew: Tracker - No Changes. Bugs are being trackered. Not much else
      to report there.
      [Admin]Drew: Release:
      [Admin]Drew: Working on 5.17.0 right now. There has been a few delays of
      both bug fixes and technical difficulties. Rest assured though we should
      have one soon. Thanks to both Tom and James for working with me on getting
      this moving.
      [Admin]Drew: I must say performance seems much better with the latest builds
      [Admin]Drew: That's it on Admin, any questions?
      irc: Papa-DRB_ has joined pcgen
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: None from PR
      [Arch_SB]thpr: not here
      [Code_SB]james: Just a note
      [Admin]Drew: Yes James?
      [Code_SB]james: Koen van Daele set up the pcgen-test.org domain
      [Code_SB]james: I've sent Drew the whois info
      [Admin]Drew: Okay, I'll zip and email to him. Thanks James
      [Admin]Drew: I'm done Eddy.
      [Chair]Eddy: Thanks Drew
      [Chair]Eddy: James, Tom, who wants to go next?
      [Arch_SB]thpr: James can go in case he's on a schedule
      [Code_SB]james: Thanks
      [Chair]Eddy: James, you're up
      [Code_SB]james: A few bugs fixed this week in prep for the 5.17.0 release as
      well as some great progress with Connor on the new UI demo
      [Code_SB]james: I'll leave the cdom work to Tom to cover in his report
      [Code_SB]james: We'll need to decide what to do regarding the LST editor
      [Code_SB]james: There are a few bug reports piling up there
      [Code_SB]james: Need to decide should we mothball the current one and close
      and reported bugs in anticipation of it being full replaced, fix the
      reported bugs in a 5.16.2 release with the PF data set or continue fixes in
      the 5.17 line
      irc: Papa-DRB_ is now known as Papa-DRB
      [Code_SB]james: Any questions?
      irc: Papa-DRB is now known as Papa-DRB[soon_to
      irc: Papa-DRB[soon_to is now known as Papa-DRB
      [Admin]Drew: timeframe for decision?
      [Code_SB]james: probably in the next couple of weeks if we want to consider
      anything for a potential 5.16.2
      [Admin]Drew: ok, that's all I had.
      [Code_SB]james: My preference would be to fix the reported bugs for 5.16.2
      but assuming we lock in a new editor for the 5.17 line we drop further
      support of the old one.
      Connor: I have a question
      [Code_SB]james: Sure
      Connor: How much of the demo needs to be completed before it would be
      appropriate to merged into the Trunk?
      [Code_SB]james: I think we would need to provide a demo to the community and
      get some feedback before we made that step
      Connor: true
      [Code_SB]james: I'd like to get the demo available in the couple of weeks
      timeframe and then have it out there for a couple of weeks for feedback
      [Code_SB]james: Does that sound like a reasonable approach?
      Connor: sounds reasonable
      [Admin]Drew: agreed
      [Code_SB]james: If there are no further questions I am all finished
      [Chair]Eddy: Thanks James
      [Chair]Eddy: Tom, you're up
      [Arch_SB]thpr: ok
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I've been working on breaking up PlayerCharacter into Facets,
      per the code team discussion a few weeks ago
      [Arch_SB]thpr: Have made a bunch of progress, but a lot left to go
      [Arch_SB]thpr: What it does bring out (I think) is the value of having some
      form of DI framework to tie these items together
      [Arch_SB]thpr: So that will need to be a point we discuss on the code team
      [Arch_SB]thpr: another question (though I need to check that we didn't cover
      this the last meeting) is how far the Facets cover
      [Arch_SB]thpr: e.g. does the UI have facets?
      [Arch_SB]thpr: and the same for export tokens... which will quickly bring us
      to the "what are we doing for export" discussion
      irc: Papa-DRB has left pcgen
      [Arch_SB]thpr: so we're going to want to schedule another code team meeting
      when we can get the key folks all available (which is proving challenging
      last I checked :) )
      [Code_SB]james: Indeed!
      [Arch_SB]thpr: So folks should expect more on that, once James and I find a
      time we're both available (Friday US/Saturday AUS) in the next month or two
      [Arch_SB]thpr: in the meantime, I'm doing as little "damage" outside of
      PlayerCharacter as I can, so it can easily be integrated with whatever
      Connor comes up with
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I reviewed the priority 3 feature requests again
      [Code_SB]james: An approach that is appreciated thanks Tom
      [Arch_SB]thpr: (priority 3 = data is waiting that will use the feature)
      [Arch_SB]thpr: and unfortunately don't have clear answers on how easy / hard
      they are.
      [OGL]Nylanfs: Since I don't understand code isn't everything easy? :)
      [Arch_SB]thpr: I would like them all to be 5.17 priorities, but since they
      heavily interact with the same code I'm rapidly changing, defining a
      concrete answer for how they can be done is challenging at this particular
      [Arch_SB]thpr: everything is _possible_, it's just a matter of how long you
      want to wait for it
      [Arch_SB]thpr: so making good progress overall on the arch side, but more
      review needed on those FREQs and specific targets for 5.17
      [Arch_SB]thpr: any questions?
      [Admin]Drew: Sounds like a lot of hard work and lots of progress. I'm happy
      [Arch_SB]thpr: Actually, I should add Connor has been looking at simplifying
      the plugin load process - he's working that in the cdomui branch as well
      Connor: :)
      [Arch_SB]thpr: That's a bit of the first step in moving toward the future
      LST Editor as he's currently looking at it
      [Arch_SB]thpr: One more item if I can hark a bit back to the data section
      [Arch_SB]thpr: we have more than a handful of bugs that are due to ambiguous
      situations or other data-interacting issues
      [Arch_SB]thpr: those are tagged with [_exp nnnn] in the subject of the bug
      [Arch_SB]thpr: once we get through the Pathfinder release, it might be
      valuable to have the data team pushing those for discussion
      [Arch_SB]thpr: so we can take them at a reasonable pace vs. high pressure at
      end of release
      [Arch_SB]thpr: Can you help with bumping those one at a time Drew?
      [Admin]Drew: Yes, I can do that
      [Arch_SB]thpr: great, thanks
      [Arch_SB]thpr: ok, now I'm done unless there are questions
      [Code_SB]james: None here
      [Chair]Eddy: thanks Tom
      [Admin]Drew: no questions here
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: None from PR
      [Chair]Eddy: OK then, what agenda items do we have?
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: I believe we've already covered the Pathfinder Set.
      [Chair]Eddy: I don't have anything, anyone else?
      [Admin]Drew: I don't have any items tonight
      Connor: none from me
      [Arch_SB]thpr: not from me
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: None from me.
      [Chair]Eddy: Let's call it a night then
      [PR_SB]Maredudd: Its a night!
      [Admin]Drew: yup
      [Chair]Eddy: Thanks everyone, *bangs gavel*
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