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Re: Optional Starting hp rules in Pathfinder

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  • ainvarg
    ... Great! Templates work for us! Thanks, Eddy!
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 1, 2009
      --- In pcgen@yahoogroups.com, Eddy Anthony <eddyba@...> wrote:
      > ainvarg scribed:
      > > Is there anything in place to accommodate the optional starting hp rules in
      > > the Pathfinder Beta?
      > >
      > > For example, the Racial option gives bonus hp depending on the character's
      > > race. I haven't found a method to tell the system I want to use that option
      > > (and it doesn't use it by default). That's cool, I understand that.
      > >
      > > But is there a way to add the bonus hp manually? That's eluded me, as well.
      > Yes, if you go to the Race tab and then to the Templates sub tab you will
      > find 4 templates starting with the name "Starting Hit Points", apply any one
      > of these to set the optional rule you want to use.
      > In the final dataset we may move this to the House Rules preference but
      > we're not there yet.
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      Great! Templates work for us! Thanks, Eddy!
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