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Re: [pcgen] Trying to report a bug

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  • Eddy Anthony
    ... Sorry about that, it s OK to report bugs to this list, that s one of it s main uses. ... We need to know which datasets and gameMode you are using as there
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 30, 2009
      arikreven wrote:
      > Went through about an hour navigating to the SourceForge, and registering, only to be told that I can't report a bug because "Permission: User Not Found: Only members of this project have permission to view this page (you are not listed as a member of this project). " More than irritating.

      Sorry about that, it's OK to report bugs to this list, that's one of
      it's main uses.

      > The bug I am trying to report has to do with the Psion class. It seems that there are skills missing. The skills that are listed are not marked class/cross class properly and it seems there are other issues with the data portion of all the psion classes from what I was able to find by searching SourceForge.
      > Using PCGen 5.16.1
      > Specifically, as an example, Human, Psion, Seer. Class skills as per the Psionics handbook p9, are Concentration, Gather Information, Intuit Direction (missing), Knowledge Psionics, Listen, Psicraft, Remote View (missing), Sense Motive (Listed as Cross Class) and Spot.
      > I have noticed similar issues on other psion types as well.

      We need to know which datasets and gameMode you are using as there are
      differences between 3.0 and 3.5 that could account for the
      discrepancies. Also, we use the System Reference Documents for our
      datasets which contains most, but not all of the material from the core
      books. I do not recall a Remote View skill, it's possible it's in the
      book but not in the SRD.

      So are you loading the 3e gameMode or the 35e gameMode? Is the book you
      are referencing the original 3.0 book or is it the Expanded Psionics

      ~ Eddy Anthony (MoSaT)
      ~ PCGen Board of Directors
      ~ Content Silverback, Chair Second
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