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96234Re: [pcgen] [Bug] Weird effect with Bonus VAR and ability pools

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  • Tir Gwaith
    Jan 1, 2008
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      On 1/1/08, Andrew Maitland <drew0500@...> wrote:
      > Ok, this one is just plain odd.
      > IN a ABILITY file:
      > Foo Feat
      > BONUS:ABILITYPOOL|Force Powers|ForceTrainingNumber
      > BONUS:VAR|ForceTrainingNumber|WIS
      > BONUS:VAR|ForceTrainingNumber|1|TYPE=Initial CHOOSE:NOCHOICE
      > MULT:YES
      > STACK:YES
      > (Can be no, but doesn't make a difference, I tried both ways)
      > SA:Force Powers Known: %|ForceTrainingNumber
      > DEFINE:ForceTrainingNumber|0

      You realize you have a : in the SA tag? That used to cause problems
      in the past. Maybe not anymore, but my eyes let me know it is a
      potential problem.

      I hate the way BONUS in feats/abilities has flip-flopped on how it is
      processed. I get confused as to how it is interpreted by PCGen
      whenever I'm looking at this stuff.

      I much prefer
      BONUS:VAR|ForceTrainingNumber|(WIS*COUNT[FEATNAME=Foo Feat])

      (Very clear it is adding that every time the feat is taken.)

      Tir Gwaith
      PCGen LST Chimp
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