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    Jun 3, 2007
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      Last Updated: 3rd June, 2007

      Current version

      5.12.0 is the new shiny release that you want :)

      When will 3.5e be supported in PCGen?

      3.5e is supported in PCGen since version 5.6. Since PCGen is OGL compliant, we refer to 3.5e as RSRD (Revised System Resource Document) that is the free version of the core 3.5e books that Wizards of the Coast produces. In the "Settings" menu of PCGen, select the "Game Mode" menu item and you'll see how you can switch between game modes like 3.5e and 3e. Depending upon which Game Mode you're in, the list of books you can load will vary. We created a Game Mode for 3.5e because there are a number of rules differences between it and 3e.

      Where are Wizard's of the Coast's books and modules?

      Those were handled under a special license by the gang at Code Monkey Publishing. Wizards of the Coast allowed Code Monkey Publishing's license to expire on 12/1/06, so these sets are no longer available.

      Where are the Star Wars/Call of Cthulhu/Wheel of Time files?

      Even though Wizards of the Coast produces those books, they don't own exclusive rights to that material. We'll need to get permission from both Wizards and the other copyright owner(s) of said material before we can include them in PCGen. It is our intention to acquire this permission, but we're being very careful about how we proceed to maximize our chance of success. We'll keep everyone informed when anything worthy of reporting occurs. :)

      PCGen is OGL (Open Gaming License) but no longer d20 compliant

      Versions 4.0.0 through 4.3.12 were D20 compliant - this compliance was dropped with version 5.0 because we wanted to better support publishers who were not D20 compliant.

      Bryan McRoberts (Benevolent Dictator) and Martijn Verburg (Chair Monkey)
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