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91656My Offer to Help . . . was Re: PCGen 5.10.1 and the CMP Datasets . . .

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  • maredudd800
    Aug 18 8:40 AM
      I wrote:
      > In the mean time, and understanding that I am not capable at this
      > time of doing any coding in Java, is there anything I can do to
      > assist with the continuing effort on PCGen?

      Thanks for the replies about what you folks could use some help on, but as I reviewed where
      I was, and more importantly what kind of BUGS and FREQs you guys are dealing with, I
      realized that I am still way to new to PCGen to be of any real help. I ned to chew-off a few
      more nails and pull a lot more hair out before I know enough to be helpful.

      I'm not going away though, and when I'm more comfortable with what I CAN do in PCGEN. or
      at lest when what I know aligns more closely with the way things work, I'll jump right in . . .

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