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91545Re: [pcgen] PCGen 5.10.1 and the CMP Datasets . . .

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  • Eric C. Smith
    Aug 6 4:57 AM
      Barak wrote:
      > Err... No. I think you mis-interpreted what Kar meant.
      Thank you, Barak, and everyone else who provided clarification on the
      CMP Data Set issue.

      You are right. I did misunderstand the earlier posts. My bad. :-)

      I have managed to load the datasets and get them running with little
      difficulty, but there were a few significant issues that presented
      themselves, so I have gone back to the RSRD as distributed with
      PCGen. The folks over at CMP did finally post a few notes on their
      frum about the issue, and as several folks stated here, it will be
      after GenCon before thay even gat a chance to look at the dataset
      conversion question. Ohwell. I can wait:-)

      In the mean time, and understanding that I am not capable at this
      time of doing any coding in Java, is there anything I can do to
      assist with the continuing effort on PCGen?

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