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91516Re: [pcgen] Re: PCGen 5.10.1 and the CMP Datasets . . .

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  • Tir Gwaith
    Aug 3, 2006
      > The LST Converter was kept up-to-date for a while, but it's really in
      > need of a revamp. I think that adding something like it to convert
      > LST syntax from old to new is especially important for people who have
      > their own campaign data. For the first couple of years of PCGen, I
      > think some of my own campaign data was in every release. :)
      > Unfortunately, that party met its doom. At least I have nice campaign
      > files to make creating new parties/enemies that much easier! :D

      Heh. I remember those. I remember the agonizing the decision to
      remove them, and how to approach the B.D. or removing them. Thank
      goodness Mynex volunteered. :p

      > I think one advantage of having two different groups working on data
      > sets is that they both use the data differently. This means that
      > they'll find different bugs, and it increases the chance that they'll
      > find a bug that is biting someone working on their own material.
      > Having paying customers does put more urgency into getting things
      > right! Although I think everyone on the volunteer side has always
      > taken pride in fixing things in a very timely manner. :)

      Also, different ideas for developing new spec's. Mynex et al had some
      really nice points on the Natural Attack concept. Almost like the
      Skunkwork's two design teams for every major system back in the 50's.

      And yeah, we like to nail bugs fast. I can't wait to get back to my
      place so I can tackle a bug fix and finish getting another source into

      Tir Gwaith
      PCGen LST Chimp
      Who gets to play "Meet the Parents" instead of going to GenCon this
      year like I planned....
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