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91508Re: [pcgen] Re: PCGen 5.10.1 and the CMP Datasets . . .

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  • Brass Tilde
    Aug 3, 2006
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      > * One of the goals was to try and fix _Code_ issues that would stop

      > think that 5.10.1 is _Code_ compatible with current CMP datasets. If
      > we find later on that it isn't we'll work with CMP to release a 5.10.2
      > patch and make sure that we are compatible.

      Ah hah. So I was reading a bit more into it than was actually there.
      Mea culpa.

      > 1.) CMP will make the minimal alterations so that their existing data
      > sets will work under 5.10.1. This means that you'd be able to load
      > the 5.8.1 datasets into 5.10.1 and they'll work, which means you'll be
      > able to gain the benefits of _some_ of PCGen's enhancements. As one

      One of the things I have on my wish list for when have enough time, or
      when I become God-Emperor of the Unniverse, whichever comes first, is
      that *every* time a tag syntax changes, write a script/program/scroll to
      make that change to existing PCGen supported data sets at the same time,
      and make conversion of the tags part of the implementation of the
      change. If the conversion doesn't work, then the feature isn't

      That set of scripts/programs/scrolls would then be part of the
      distribution, and could be used by one and all to upgrade their data

      Dream on Brad, 'cause you ain't gonna have time.

      > As one poster has already stated, the core books seem to already load
      > and are useable

      So, was this Blind Dumb Luck, or Visionary Intelligent Design?

      Hmmm, maybe we shouldn't start that debate here, eh? :)

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