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91507Re: [pcgen] Re: PCGen 5.10.1 and the CMP Datasets . . .

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  • Tir Gwaith
    Aug 3, 2006
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      > 2.) CMP will make significant changes to their datasets to utilise
      > some of PCGen's new features, this may or may not include such things
      > as the new Monster Kits feature (which has a lot of data work going on
      > behind the scenes).

      I'd like to stress that the new Monster / Kit system is much better,
      but will require a lot of data work to implement. I expect when they
      convert they will do so one source book at a time, over multiple
      'Friday Updates' I think they call them. The old Default Monster
      system will still work in 5.10 (deprecation will happen in the 5.11
      series), but the Kits enhancements are a very good improvement.

      Tir Gwaith
      PCGen LST Chimp
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