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80940Re: [pcgen] [Devon][CODE] [FREQ] Starting clothing feature

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  • Eddy Anthony
    Nov 4, 2004
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      Devon Jones scribed:

      > While I understand, if the solution involves 5 lines for a new type or
      > 500 (or more) to do it another way, sometimes this means that a new
      > hardcoded type is the lesser of two evils. I'll look into the issue
      > that spawned this some time later and see if there is a creative way to
      > solve it without a type.
      > Devon

      I think the desire is to keep these sort of features out of the code (which
      are not readable to us non-programmer simians) and have it as much in the
      LST files as possible. Point of fact, this feature can be done with one
      existing tag right now, check it out:

      ADD:EQUIP(Outfit (Artisan's),Outfit (Entertainer's),Outfit
      (Explorer's),Outfit (Monk's),Outfit (Peasant's),Outfit (Scholar's),Outfit

      The thing we can't do in a dataset is easily attach something like this to
      every character created. The only way I know to effect any all characters is
      to add stuff into the stats and checks file of the gameMode and that is
      really only good for defining variables and adding bonuses.

      So what about this, we create a way to add feats to all characters created
      with the dataset loaded. We can create a .pcc tag for this, FEATALL: would
      point to a file of feats. The feats would all be applied to the character
      after a race was chosen and the first class was selected. PRExxx tags could
      be used in the feats and only those that the PC qualified for would be
      added. So in this case we could have a hidden starting cloths feat with a
      PRERULE (do we have a PRERULE tag?) and the tag listed above. It would
      behave exactly as it does now but would only include the correct choices.
      Best of all it there in the LST files for all to see.

      I have seen the request for a way to add stuff to all characters come up so
      I know there are many uses this could be applied to, I have a few in mind
      for Spycraft.
      ~ Eddy Anthony (MoSaT)
      ~ PCGen Content Silverback
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