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80915Re: [pcgen] [Devon][CODE] [FREQ] p7+ trackers - 10/31/04

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  • Devon Jones
    Nov 3, 2004
      Tir Gwaith wrote:

      >Do you realize HOW MANY Types there are in Equipment? And while many are
      >there for users ability to select items, many are there clogging it up for a
      >single obscure purpose. I small rule (that groups I've played with have
      >always ignored) in the RSRD that will require another TYPE, with potentially
      >another hard-code specific TYPE, is something I really don't want to go
      >into. I'd like another solution than just throwing everything and the
      >kitchen sink into TYPE tags.
      >I have SERIOUS reservations about endorsing another hard-coded (even in
      >GameMode) TYPE to equipment.
      >The other problem we have is that the object's TYPE tag is not used the same
      >across all files. Or even the same way all the time in the same file. It
      >is like the "Catch-all" drawer in my kitchen.
      >Tir Gwaith
      >LST Chimp
      While I understand, if the solution involves 5 lines for a new type or
      500 (or more) to do it another way, sometimes this means that a new
      hardcoded type is the lesser of two evils. I'll look into the issue
      that spawned this some time later and see if there is a creative way to
      solve it without a type.

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