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80040Re: [TM] [DATA] error loading d20modern

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  • saeradon
    Oct 1, 2004
      I removed the animal entry from the msrd_templates_creature.lst file,
      commented the other file, and everything loads now.

      But after I have done this, the "create a new character" icon stays
      disbled. Altough the source material screen clearly states that the
      files are loaded.

      Just to test thing I switched game mode to 3.5 and there I can createa
      new character, the button (and menu option) is only disabled under d20
      modern mode.

      Is this because I deleted the animal template?


      > Confirmed. The problem is in the msrd_templates_creature.lst file. The
      > Animal template has a PREALIGN tag in it. If you remove it that will fix
      > things.
      > A second problem I noticed is that we have a lot of duplicate
      classes in the
      > msrd_classes_advanced.lst file. These were transferred to another
      file but
      > the file was not removed. Later the .pcc reference was re-added when
      it did
      > not need to be.
      > You should go into the .pcc file and comment out the reference to
      this file.
      > --
      > ~ Eddy Anthony (MoSaT)
      > ~ PCGen Content Silverback
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