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  • notmousse@aol.com
    Feb 1, 2004
      bblackmoor sez...

      'I used to drive a 1967 Mustang.'

      You're missing a sense of degree. This car was likely 20+ years old (if not
      30+) when you got it (or at least by the time you got rid of it). DnD 3e on
      the other hand is roughly 3.5 years old.

      One stopped being made a few decades ago, the other a few years ago.

      'The point is that I knew that I would have those kinds of problems when I
      chose those cars, and I chose them anyway because that's what I wanted to do.
      That's the trade-off I make when I opt for an obsolete car/OS/game

      I'm not sure about you, but I, and thousands of others bought the 3e games
      within the first year (in fact during their introductory period). This was not
      even half a decade ago. This was when the plans for a revision were set for
      sometime in our future instead of last year.

      'You don't have a point: no one drives a 1973 Type III VW fastback by

      But many people buy a 2000 and expect it to last till the '05s are in

      Overall I agree with your opinion of not whining for this or that, but.

      'Keep your excuses for someone who needs them.'

      This sentence is the reason I chimed in.

      BTW I don't see how you had such problems finding parts, especially for the
      classic American car.

      TM Tamarin

      I mean, if I can't even get a discount out of someone else's misfortune,
      what's the point?
      -MisterTambo, founding member of the League of Unemployed Gentlemen

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