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6815RE: [pcgen] Re: [BUG?] Armor gives hit penalty?

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  • Brass Tilde
    Jul 5, 2001
      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: nezzir@... [mailto:nezzir@...]
      > I moved up to 2.04 - This did not fix the problem. What did fix the
      > problem was de-selecting the "Weapon Focus" then re-selecting it
      > - Saving, exiting, then reloading PCGen. So that one is fixed.
      > It seems you should already have your weapon in your inventory
      > before you select your feats...

      I noticed this one at first as well. I happened to notice that the armor
      with which my character was proficient was "Armor (heavy)" and the armor he
      was wearing was tagged "Armor (Heavy)". I had a similar circumstance with
      weapons as well. There were two proficiencies in the LST files, and the
      program was apparently sensitive to the case.

      Note to Bryan - hadn't somebody weeded out all of the case sensitivity? Or
      is that a yet-to-be implemented feature?


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