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6797Re: [pcgen] Re: [BUG?] Armor gives hit penalty?

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  • nezzir@home.com
    Jul 5, 2001
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      I moved up to 2.04 - This did not fix the problem. What did fix the
      problem was de-selecting the "Weapon Focus" then re-selecting it - Saving,
      exiting, then reloading PCGen. So that one is fixed. It seems you should
      already have your weapon in your inventory before you select your feats...

      Here's a new one. I created a halfing thief - 6th level. She has a dex of
      18 and a light armor proficiency. I put leather +1 on her and it gave her
      a max dex 3 and a -3 armor check penalty to all str based skills. I tried
      going back to regular small leather but it had the same penalties. I tried
      de-selecting/re-selecting the armor (light) proficiency skill,
      saving/reloading, etc. It was stuck. I finally removed her "travelers
      outfit" and armor and when I put them back it finally corrected itself. At
      no time was I encumbered...

      It seems there may be some recalculation issues. It's hard to pin them
      down. I'm using PCGen to create a large pool of generic mid-level
      characters for quick games. Most of the problems I've encountered are
      related to calculating attack numbers and armor bonuses after you change
      the equipment around. I'll post other problems I find as I move forward
      with my little project.

      At 12:47 AM 7/5/2001 +0000, you wrote:
      >I think there was one issue with PCGen 2.0.3 regarding this. Try
      >today's release (2.0.4) and let me know if it still happens. Are you
      >sure you're not encumbered?
      >--- In pcgen@y..., "nezzir@h..." <nezzir@h...> wrote:
      > > I may just be missing something but I've created a generic 6th
      > > fighter as a test. You can see the sheet here:
      > > www.nezzir.com/testchar.html
      > > For armor, I gave him a +2 suit of chain and a large +1 steel
      >shield to go
      > > with his Masterwork Longsword. If I equip both armor items then
      >his attack
      > > bonus on all weapons goes down by 1... If I un-equip either one,
      >it returns...
      > >
      > > I couldn't find anything in the books about it - except something
      > > proficiencies - but he is proficient with the armor as well as the
      > > weapons. He also has weapon focus and specialization.
      > >
      > > It's driving me nuts watching that number go down when I equip the
      >chain shirt.
      > >
      > > BTW - This is PCGen 2.03
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