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6777[BUG?] Armor gives hit penalty?

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  • nezzir@home.com
    Jul 4, 2001
      I may just be missing something but I've created a generic 6th level fighter as a test.  You can see the sheet here:
      For armor, I gave him a +2 suit of chain and a large +1 steel shield to go with his Masterwork Longsword.  If I equip both armor items then his attack bonus on all weapons goes down by 1...  If I un-equip either one, it returns...

      I couldn't find anything in the books about it - except something about proficiencies - but he is proficient with the armor as well as the weapons.  He also has weapon focus and specialization.

      It's driving me nuts watching that number go down when I equip the chain shirt.

      BTW - This is PCGen 2.03
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