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6536Re: PCGen 2.0.3 release

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  • mocha@mcs.net
    Jul 1, 2001
      Ah - okay, thanks! Some people post here with more than 1 id, and
      Robert Ward has been doing some very helpful lst file stuff, so I
      wasn't sure if you were one of his aliases or something. I will
      correct my release notes accordingly. :)
      Let me know when you upload the file, and if there are no objections,
      I'll be glad to add it to the release. Thanks!

      --- In pcgen@y..., rabrhe@y... wrote:
      > > - frrace.lst from Robert Ward included (corrections - this is rabrhe,
      > > right? I didn't include FRop.zip since I wasn't sure if it was
      > > 'official' or not)
      > The included frrace.lst has all of my latest changes. (And I [rabrhe]
      > am a guy named Steven Ehrbar, if you were wondering about that.)
      > Unless somebody objects in the next 18 hours or so, I'm going to go
      > ahead and add the FRop races to the frrace.lst file, and upload the
      > combined file tomorrow. The races being added are all 1 HD, max ECL
      > adjustment of +2, works-without-monster-class-support races; DMs
      > likely to object to them would likely also prohibit "standard FR"
      > races like drow, duergar, and deep gnomes.
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