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6526Re: PCGen 2.0.3 release

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  • rabrhe@yahoo.com
    Jun 30, 2001
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      > - frrace.lst from Robert Ward included (corrections - this is rabrhe,
      > right? I didn't include FRop.zip since I wasn't sure if it was
      > 'official' or not)

      The included frrace.lst has all of my latest changes. (And I [rabrhe]
      am a guy named Steven Ehrbar, if you were wondering about that.)

      Unless somebody objects in the next 18 hours or so, I'm going to go
      ahead and add the FRop races to the frrace.lst file, and upload the
      combined file tomorrow. The races being added are all 1 HD, max ECL
      adjustment of +2, works-without-monster-class-support races; DMs
      likely to object to them would likely also prohibit "standard FR"
      races like drow, duergar, and deep gnomes.
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