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528A few quick fixes

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  • David Cortijo
    Jan 26, 2001
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      I was having some problems with proficiencies in weapons and some sorting issues, so I made the following changes:
      - Changed references to weapon Scimitar, great to Great scimitar (program was giving Druid proficiency in the Great Scimitar for some reason).
      - Changed Weapon ammunitions from the tag of TYPE:Weapon.EXTRA to TYPE:Ammunition - prevents Ammo from being listed as weapons, as well as having proficiency in ammunition items (i.e. Darts for the Blowgun) (as well as changing references from .ammo to .Ammunition
      - Fixed a problem in one of the weapons and one piece of ammunition listed as TYPE:Weapons instead of weapon
      - Did some tidying up of Dragon Magazine and DMG entries to ensure that the TYPE and SUB-TYPE of entires are consistent with previous entries (i.e. TYPE:Weapon.SIMPLE/MARTIAL/EXOTIC as the first two parts of the tag).