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  • Shawn A. Chesak
    Dec 1, 2002
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      Well, this is not entirely accurate the documentation is missing what I
      consider quite a lot in regards tags and formatting thereof. And he did
      say a list of ALL; the documentation is definitely NOT comprehensive.

      Without assistance from this mailing list or a good example in an
      already existing data file it is impossible to figure out how to
      accomplish many things just from the documentation alone.

      I think also, the request was for just a "list" rather then the multiple
      pages of tags with so many numerous examples and the like that you need
      to do a lot of scrolling up and down to scan the entire set of tags. I
      too often think it would be "handy" just to have a brief list for each
      category, all on one page in order to be allow a "quick glance" to find
      what is needed. (In that respect, I think the old table-format
      documentation was more useful)

      Speaking of this, there are also quite a few errors in the documentation
      regarding formatting of several tags and the data which follows, such as
      the example showing a pipe where in fact a comma is required, or
      omitting part of a tag that is necessary, or showing a equals sign where
      one needs to actually use a period, etc. I spent the holiday weekend
      creating all of the lst files for several new sourcebooks that I
      recently purchased and stumbled on a fair number of these errors; wish
      I'd been a bit less focused on what I was working on and actually taken
      the time to keep track of the errors and omissions that I found. I
      apologize for my lack of forethought in that I didn't keep track at all.

      Shawn A. Chesak

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      > My guess would be in the documentation. ;p
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      > is there a list of all TAGS available somewhere? Perhaps sorted by
      > category? (i.e. FEAT
      > TAGS, SKILL TAGS, CLASS TAGS etc...)?
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