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37762More Info on Monster Skills Bug 560634

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  • rabrhe
    Jul 1, 2002
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      1) With "Use Default Monsters" unchecked, BONUS:SKILLRANK entries in
      the monster race file should be ignored.

      2) Either the SKILLMULT: tag must allow formulas including the
      character's Intelligence, or the program must automatically substitute
      the following values for SKILLMULT when a race with HD is chosen:

      Aberration : SKILLMULT equal to Intelligence
      Beast : SKILLMULT equal to 2*Intelligence
      Elemental : SKILLMULT equal to Intelligence
      Fey: SKILLMULT equal to 1.5*Intelligence
      Magical Beast: SKILLMULT equal to 2*Intelligence
      Monstrous Humanoid: SKILLMULT equal to Intelligence
      Shapechanger: SKILLMULT equal to 2*Intelligence
      Undead: SKILLMULT equal to 1.5*Intelligence

      Either way, to do this would require modification (at least) of the
      Race.java method of getting the skill multiplier, which currently reads:

      public int getInitialSkillMultiplier()
      return initialSkillMultiplier;

      Obviously, just returning an integer isn't enough to support the
      above-mentioned types of monsters.

      Thanks for reading!
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