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32417Re: [pcgen] Re: Monkey Grip now supported!

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  • Emily Smirle
    May 1, 2002
      jojo_starfinder wrote:

      > You've gotten confused there Bill. Their talking about another feat
      > from the netbook of feats. Gigantic Weapons or some such. And I
      > agree, tack on a weapon focus prereq and I might allow it in my
      > campaigns too. Even with the weapon focus tacked on this is more
      > like an Epic Level feat for chars over 20th level. Speaking of
      > which; I wish they would hurry up and publish the Epic Level
      > Handbook :) They got about 150+ new feats from what the main author
      > says in his little review at the WotC website.

      Heh. I've allowed it in my campeign, but the character had to have
      Weapon Focus and he had to take it for each weapon he wielded. It worked
      more or less like Monkey Grip except for the size range. The player
      wanted the "Braver Sword" from Final Fantasy. o.O

      He's a low level character, and he very rarely hits with it. The party's
      put him in the front ranks, however, so he can pose with it and frighten
      off Goblins and whatnot.
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