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13754Re: Hardcoding rant...

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  • sorrow@talk21.com
    Oct 1, 2001
      Back at the start of the thread, someone asked about outstanding PrCs.

      I'm still trying to finish the Fleet Runner in what little spare time
      I have these days.

      One outstanding issue. I've asked twice already; no response. Trying
      again, hoping this one doesn't get lost in the volume of traffic ;)

      I've done everything for the Runner bar the bonus spells, which I
      can't seem to get to work. Might be me being dim and not reading the
      docs properly, but ...

      I need to add bonus spellcast to existing divine spellcasting
      classes. Please explain, using simple words and short sentences ;) I
      don't have the files with me at work, but my last effort went pear-
      shaped and appeared to be treating the bonus spells are Fleet Runner
      spells, which it shouldn't. Once I've done that, Fleet Runner is
      finished (everything else appears to work and has been tested).

      On other PrC notes: Silverstar and Nightcloak (recent issues of
      Dragon) are done apart from the domain spell issue, whereby they get
      access to one specified domain spell-list as part of their regular
      cleric spell selections; I think there's an outstanding FREQ on this.

      Shining Blade of Hieroneous: Will need adjusting once templates are
      done, I'll mention this now in case I forget ... at level 10 of the
      PrC the character gains the Celestial template. Currently you just
      get SA:Celestial transformation because it was the best I could do at
      the time.

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