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112829Re: [pcgen] Adding custom items to my equipment

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  • f0obar
    Aug 22, 2014
      Hi Andrew,
      thank you, that helped, and I just created my first item in the lst file.

      One note for other users who work on a Mac: It's all inside the folder Applications/PCGen 6.02.1.app/Contents/Resources/Java/data/pathfinder/homebrew - might not be easily accessible with normal editors, but since I almost always use a terminal and vim, it was not really a problem for me.

      Changing a character to use the additional pcc/lst files was easy as well: I opened my character, opened the dialog box using the menu "Sources -> Select Sources", and added my campaign.

      So again, thanks a lot! It was really easy (at least for me, being an IT guy)

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