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112821Re: [pcgen] Equipment Question

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  • John Bauldree
    Aug 21, 2014
      I know how that can be. I will do as you ask and check the latest build.  I will let you know if I run into the same issue with that build.


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      On Aug 21, 2014, at 1:32 PM, "Andrew drew0500@... [pcgen]" <pcgen@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      Hi John,

      6.03.05 is released. Many, many, (seriously a lot of 'many') changes have been implemented to Pathfinder and the 3.5e core sets. Psionics was a component of those changes. Mainly working with PCGen to allow monsters access to their full allotment of psionics without using custom classes. This entailed altering how the Class Spell Lists worked (Subclasses had custom spelllists, which broke monsters). Each Psion spell/power is now under one list, and has a trigger based upon selections. 

      As I have so little free time to work on pcgen issues, due to me being a full time student in school, it would greatly help me if you grab the latest unstable version of pcgen and see if the problem persists. I'm neck deep in a final right now, and am severely behind on a week 1 assignment for the next class, so only proven latest version bugs are going to get any attention from me.

      If the problem persists in the latest version, please open a JIRA Data Bug.


      On 8/21/2014 5:43 AM, 'John m. Bauldree' balingar@... [pcgen] wrote:

      Basically I am trying to add the Fission Psionic Power to an item. 

      When I try to select Fission a 7th level psionic (Egoist) power,  it does not show up in the list.  As a matter of fact Egoist is not in the class selection box and I think that might be the problem.


      Using 6.02.1 for mac

      3.5 srd


      Thanks for any help.


      John Bauldree

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