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112645Re: [pcgen] Which Version was it?

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  • Andrew
    Jul 21 12:10 AM
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      The latest version will have all the available materials up to that point. We haven't implemented any targeted releases where we exclude materials. Frankly, a bit too much work to keep everything in order if you ask me.

      You have two choices for recent versions:
      Stable release 6.02.1 (Production)
      Most recent release 6.03.03 (Alpha)

      However, anything we made for Green Ronin Publishing has been pulled out of distribution due to the Publisher's desires by not allowing us to use the Product Name to identify the books. If we can't identify a book, it doesn't do any good to distribute it.

      I don't have time to look in the wayback machine and see when that happened, but my hunch is 5.6/5.8 is the last versions containing any such materials.


      On 7/20/2014 10:03 PM, hbbelcher@... [pcgen] wrote:
      At one time, there was a version of pcgen that included material from the d20MSRD Weapons Locker and Green Ronin's Modern Magic: is this material still available?

      Also, what is the most current version of pcgen? I'm afraid I may be behind a little bit.

      Many Thanks!

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