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112620Re: [pcgen] Re: either ( at least 1 levels of NPC, at least 1 levels of Monster )

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  • Andrew
    Jul 15, 2014
      Thanks Andrew W. gotta love the maths!

      For the record 6.03 *is* alpha. Make no mistake, it is by 'definition' an "Unstable" build. Since there is new features going into as we speak. However, the bugs we are talking about are corner cases and not likely to poke up in your use of the system.

      ALPHA - New Features add, and deprecated tokens removed (High Potential for Bugs)
      BETA - Focuses on only eliminating/fixing all bugs found
      RC (Release Candidate) - pre-production release to make sure the program is stable
      Release - Production Stable made available to the public - should have the least amount of bugs or missing features. (Humans and monkeys aren't perfect, so things will crop up).
      Start cycle anew...

      We haven't moved to beta, but you won't see any 6.03 stable. All releases are even numbers - 6.0, 6.2, 6.4. Next stable is 6.4.

      Andrew Maitland

      On 7/15/2014 1:56 PM, Andrew Wilson andrew@... [pcgen] wrote:
      For what you want, permutations don't matter. But you've still got 12 different arrays, since the Arcane array differs depending on the casting stat.

      The easiest way to achieve what you want is 12 kits that you apply first and all they do is set the stats.


      On 15 July 2014 21:17, qmslager@... [pcgen] <pcgen@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      3.  Not sure permutations matter, but I understand needing to get it right.  As I said there are five allowed in PFS :

      Melee NPC, Ranged NPC, Divine NPC, Arcane NPC, Skill NPC arrays


      These five are universal to NPC building for most d20, although they aren't found in the SRD, the SRD does explain the same arrays (slightly different wording) The original rules that pathfinder uses for the 5 builds were found in the Combat Tactics guide for 3.5


      That seems fairly universal. Based on your response though it seems I am tilting windmills, so I'll leave it and fill out the forms to get the problems corrected that I noticed with the kit.


      Side note: According to source forge 6.03 is still in alpha

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