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112221Re: [pcgen] Re: Knowledge not class skills for Sensei monk archetype

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  • Andrew
    Apr 29, 2014
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      The fix had a flaw (Fast fingers :P)

      'CSKILL:' not 'CSKILL|' in case you were correcting it yourself.

      As to the flurry, that can be fixed - but it won't be fast, I have to head out for a bit. If you need the fix yourself, just add 'MonkFlurryOfBlows' to the Archetype Ability 'TYPE'.

      Open a tracker for that issue. (Best way to grab my attention to be honest)


      On 4/29/2014 5:35 PM, TensionRoom101@... wrote:
      Wow! Just Wow!  That was fast.
      As an aside, I noticed that the character sheet still lists flurry, though the Sensei drops it in favour of these other bonuses. Not a problem, I can just ignore it, but maybe a future edit.

      Ta Muchly Andrew.

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