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111854Bard Spells (pathfinder) - Magic mouth lvl 2 spell instead of lvl 1 - breaking my character sheet

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    Feb 11, 2014
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      Hi, i'm very new to this... I have been trying to create character sheets for my players for the past .... 4 hours.. and once I thought I had pcgen under control it throws me a loop. 

      Basically, Magic mouth is a bard lvl 1 spell, but it is also a wizard/sorcerer lvl 2 spell. When I try to select the spell for my lvl 1 bard, it doesnt exist, and its under the lvl 2 spell list. I dont think there is a way for me to change this without going into the code.. and signing up for jira, let alone understanding wth is going on with the source is beyond my ability... so i'm asking if anyone knows about this, or can help me out. or if i'm just screwed, we'll just not use the pcgen spell functionality, though i think thats a dumb way of going about it, considering the spell is just in the wrong section. 

      any help would be greatly appriciated. 
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